Types of Dog Fence and Puppy Picket

Previously, we’ve covered why traditional fencing for dogs is much better for your pets than invisible fences or other solutions. Today we’d like to go over one of the most popular types of dog fence, which also includes a puppy picket fence(fencing for dogs): aluminum fencing. A puppy picket fence a great solution for both adult dogs and puppies due to the versatility this type of fencing for dogs.

Aluminum fencing as types of dog fence

The benefits of aluminum fence for containing your beloved dogs are various. First of all, there are many different heights available for aluminum fences. So whether your four-legged pals are tall or short, you can have a fence at the perfect height to make sure they don’t jump over.

Most aluminum fencing has the ability to add finials as well. While finials make a great fence decoration, they also discourage pets from attempting a fence jump due to their size and shape.

Puppy picket

A puppy picket fence is a special type of aluminum fencing for dogs that has a narrow row of pickets at the bottom of the fence. This is to prevent puppies or smaller dogs from escaping through the bars, getting their head stuck, or digging. These puppy-proof fences are the safest way to prevent digging or other fence disruptions.

Electric fence is often attempted to discourage digging beneath fences, but besides not being very effective, can frighten pets and make them fear the outdoors. Puppy picket is painless and extremely effective at preventing digging beneath or through the fence.

Again, when it comes to versatility of use and decoration, aluminum fence is one of the best options. Especially when it comes to containing your pets, big or small, it stands out among all types of dog fence for quality and aesthetics. Keep your pets safeand your yard beautiful, and get aluminum or puppy picket fence!aluminum dog fence

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