Which Type of Fence is Right For You

A good question to ask before you choose styles of fences, is asking why you need one. People look for residential fencing options for different reasons; some want to enclose their yard so their pets and loved ones cannot wander off, some need to provide a border around a new pool to meet county code requirements, and some desire the benefits of additional security and privacy to enjoy their lives without having to worry about unwanted guests and being on display to their neighbors.

If you’re in the market and researching fencing types and are not sure which style or type of fence to consider, then here are some reasons why people often buy a fence and our recommendations for building the perfect fence solution! 

Types of Fences for Creating a Cost-Effective Perimeter

Looking for cost-effective residential fencing options to enclose your yard or property and working with a fixed or limited budget? Chain link fences, split rail fences and picket fences are great options for those who want to establish a border without having to break the bank.

picket fence

Chain link remains one of our most popular and economical residential fencing options—you can make use of a variety of sizes is one of the most economical types of boundary fencing. If you want something with a bit more style and visual appeal, a wooden picket fence is another viable fence choice.  You can purchase pickets in various heights.  Those with a large garden plot often chose this fence to border the garden; however, picket fence is a lovely way to enclose your entire property.  Buying a picket fence also affords you the ability to get creative as you can buy pickets made in different colors or you can choose to paint and/or seal your fence once it is installed.

Types of Fences for Keeping Animals and Family In the Yard

One of the main reasons homeowners buy a fence is to protect their children and pets.  Parents want to know that their children can go outside to play without having to hover over them at all times; dog owners want the ability to let their dogs outside to play without having to worry about the dog wandering off.

privacy fence

There are many residential fencing options available to you for keeping your animals and young ones safe.  Often it comes down to several factors when selecting a fence: personal taste, homeowner’s association covenants, safety, privacy and budget.  If you’re looking for a fence that serves as a strong, protective border to keep everyone in your family (human and animal) safe inside your yard, the most popular choices are picket fence, chain link and split rail fence with wire.  However, if you have additional concerns such as security and safety, take a look at our options for both privacy fences and pool fences—they require more of an investment, but these fences offer the best protection for keeping your loved ones safe from harm and from intruders!

Types of Fences for Privacy

If you are looking for residential fencing options for privacy, your two best options are either a wood fence or a vinyl fence. A vinyl fence generally requires more money up front than a wood fence, but maintenance costs will even out the total cost of the fences after about 10 years. So you should base that decision on how long you will be staying in a location or if you want to spend the money on maintaining a wood fence in order to get the natural look.


Some of the most popular styles of wood privacy fences include:

If you want privacy, no maintenance and the most durable fence possible, then a vinyl privacy fence is the best way to go.

vinyl privacy fence

Types of Fences for Pools

If you have a swimming pool, the first thing you need to remember is that the fence you choose must meet all required safety codes.  Check with both your local county and homeowner’s association to ensure the styles of fences and designs satisfy all requirements in your area.  Another consideration for pool fencing is to select something that requires minimal maintenance; you’ll spend a fair amount of time taking care of your pool so it’s best to select a strong, sturdy fence that won’t require more of your time so you can enjoy the pool with your family and friends.

aluminum pool fence

Two of the most popular pool fences homeowners choose include vinyl and high-strength aluminum fencing.  Both are beautiful fence solutions that do the best job when it comes to keeping little children and dogs away from the pool area when you need to, as well as satisfying code requirements without issue.

Ready to Find Out What Type of Fence is Right For You?

Still trying to figure out what type of fence is right for you?  Have a specific question about what you can and cannot do in terms of residential fence installation?  Frederick Fence is open and our expert fence consultants are here to help you with choosing a fence to meet your needs and stay within your budget. Contact us today and we’ll gladly come by your home or you can stop by our headquarters on Tilco Drive!

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