Why Winter is Still a Great Time to Buy a Fence

While the weather outside may be frightful and homeowners focus more on the indoors, winter is still a great time to buy a fence.  Even though the temperatures outside are significantly lower than in summer, most professional fence companies have the tools and expertise to install a fence with chilly scenes of winter as their backdrop.  True, installers may need more cocoa than water to keep warm, but if you’re considering purchasing a fence for your property, winter is still a great time to buy a fence for many reasons.


Get Quicker Installation

A majority of homeowners purchase fences during the summer months, creating a significant demand for sales consultants and installation crews.   Sometimes installation can take longer as the best professional fence companies also devote time to visiting permit offices to start building. During this season, it’s easier to get an appointment and the time between signing a contract and winter fence installation can be shorter, meaning you get your fence quicker! Installing fences in winter also means that when everyone else in your area decides to buy a fence, you have yours and can simply relax and enjoy your yard- which is why winter is still a good time to buy a fence!

Save Money

Depending upon the success of the summer and fall seasons, installing a fence in winter means you can potentially save on Fencing Materials & DIY Fence Products. Sometimes professional fence installers end the year with surplus supplies, meaning that certain types of fences may cost less as professional companies sometimes offer reduced rates on fence materials to make room for new fence materials in the spring and summer.  The best thing you can do is call to get an estimate and ask the company if they are offering any winter discounts on fence products.


Get the Best Fence Possible

When most homeowners buy a fence in summer, they often have an immediate need for it, such as keeping their loved ones or animals safe from intruders or creating a bit of privacy so they can enjoy their yard without everyone in their neighborhood observing them.  Often folks like to customize their fence with intricate latticework or custom additions such as lighted fence posts or custom engraving on the gate panels.  During the summer season, customization often means longer wait times as there are only so many installers who have access to custom parts or specialty skills when it comes to ornate wood fences. Some folks choose to forgo those unique items in the interest of getting their fence quicker.  Buying a fence in winter means you can design your fence to meet your creative needs and get it installed in a more timely manner since demand for new fences is down.

Remember Fence Repairs in Winter Too!

If your fence gets damaged during the spring and summer months and is out of warranty, winter is also the best time to get the fence repaired as most professional fence companies can come to your home without you being there.  Sometimes you can get a call with the estimate and get the repair work done the same day or week, depending upon the nature of the problem.  The good news is that winter fence repairs means that when the cold weather finally gives way to spring and warmer temperatures, your fence is ready for you to enjoy it once again and you won’t have to compete with everyone who is calling to get a new fence!


Ready to Buy a Fence This Winter?

Frederick Fence operates year-round, meaning we are here to help you with your fencing needs no matter the season!  Simply contact us today and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants to help you plan your fence and buy fencing materials in time for spring so you can beat the rush! Always remember, winter is still a great time to buy a fence.

Photo Credit: all images in this article are used under license from Thinkstock.