The Two Best Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas For Your Backyard

Before the information super highway became so crowded with images and texts of how we go about our lives, we had a much greater sense of privacy and respect for boundaries.  Nowadays, people find it a challenge to maintain that sense of privacy thanks to the onslaught of selfies and tweets where other people are capturing their (and our) every move.  Even the way many developers build new communities we’re losing our sense of privacy as we’re seeing more and more larger houses situated even on smaller lots to where you can sit in your own dining room and see what your neighbors are cooking for dinner through their kitchen window.  Sometimes it feels as if we’re all living in one large fishbowl. 

Thankfully, we have some privacy screen ideas you can do to create a bit of privacy so you can enjoy your home and time with your loved ones without feeling on display.  One way is to build privacy screens for decks to create some sense of separation from the neighbors next door.  We’ve sold many privacy fences all because people want to enjoy their yards without being watched.  In townhome and close-knit single-family communities, most homeowner associations (HOAs) require tall, solid fences to create some privacy between the rows of houses in the development.  However, sometimes you still want a little more privacy—especially when you’re sitting on your deck or your patio—and that’s when you might want to consider adding an outdoor privacy screen.

The Value of Privacy Screen Ideas

If your neighbors are too close for comfort to your deck or your yard space, one of the easiest ways to achieve some privacy is with an outdoor privacy screen.  The good news is that you can often buy independent structures at your local box store, which you can also use to hide trashcans or utility boxes.  Sometimes these backyard screens are highly ornate, adding visual appeal to your outdoor area. However, one of the problems with freestanding screens is that all you need is a good gust of wind and your screen can end up flying off your property and get damaged as they hit the ground, meaning another trip to the store to replace the screen. If you’re looking for privacy and don’t want to worry about chasing your screens down or having to move them in the house when cold weather approaches, my advice is to add a permanent privacy screen to your deck or back yard. Below are the two best outdoor privacy screen ideas that we recommend for optimum privacy and visual appeal. We’ve built many of these for our customers over the years!

wood privacy screen fence

Wood Privacy Screens For Decks

Wood privacy screens are a great way to add privacy to your yard while also giving you the chance to be creative in how you build them.  Some of the most popular styles of wood privacy screens include:

  • Lattice Privacy Screens—Lattice work is made with strips of wood formed into either a square or diagonal crisscross pattern so that there are tiny holes among the strips.  You can purchase lattice panels at any lumberyard or home improvement store.  If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can set them in thick wood frames and then attach them to an existing deck or dig posts in the ground and set the panels in concrete.  People like lattice panels because you can paint them or you can cut shapes among the panels and hang potted plants that sit where the holes are.  You get a lot more flexibility and creativity when you use these screens—just Google “lattice screen ideas” and you’ll see what I mean!
  • Stockade or Solid Privacy Screens—Constructed with the boards placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel.  These solid panels tend to give you a bit more noise reduction and also a greater sense of privacy.  If you truly don’t want to see your neighbors or allow them to see you, this is a great option.  Many homeowners who just want to shield their outdoor patio area without having to invest in a fence will often purchase these screens.
  • Board on Board Privacy Screens–Constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical slats where every other board is attached to the opposite side of the panel rails. This creates a slight break in the panel where if you stand at an angle, you get a slight view of what’s on the other side.  Most people tend to use this for their actual privacy fence and then use lattice work for their screens; however, this is perhaps the sturdiest and most structurally sound type of privacy screen you can install.

Vinyl Privacy Screen Ideas

If you want little to no maintenance and the most durable of deck privacy walls for your outdoor living area, then vinyl privacy screens may work for you. True, they cost more than wood screens, but because they are stronger and last a lifetime, these versatile screens are worth the additional cost. Just like wood privacy screens, you can choose from a variety of patterns for your panels.  Now that the home improvement arena offers so many outdoor decorating options, you can order vinyl privacy screens that come in a wide variety of patterns, shapes, sizes and colors.  Just like wood privacy screens, you can order vinyl latticework, stockade vinyl screens or board on board screens. Because you can customize and order vinyl privacy screens to your liking, we often work with homeowners to install them once the vendor ships them to your home.

Ready to Buy a Privacy Screen or Fence?
Ready to add some privacy to your outdoor living area with these outdoor screens?  Contact us today and we’ll send out one of our expert residential fence consultants who can design a yard privacy screen or fence to meet your needs and your budget.

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