The Cicada Invasion vs. Your Wood Fencing


The Cicada Invasion of 2021 is well underway and we have answered a couple of common questions that might be crossing your mind right about now.

While cicadas can seem scary, gross, and loud, they are far from harmful. They are gentle and easy to handle even if they land right on your face. They emerge from the ground once every 17 years, do their thing, and then go back underground for another couple decades. We are merely their hosts while they live their above ground lives once every seventeen years.

If you do not live in a wooded area, there is a chance you will not see much cicada activity at all! The cicada’s life cycle is highly dependent on trees. They lay their eggs in small tree branches, burrow near trees because that is where the larvae fall when they hatch, and finally they come up near trees because that is where they fell 17 years ago. And so, the cycle begins again.

Will cicadas harm your wood fence?

No! Cicadas depend on wood in the form of trees, not fencing. You will probably see them crawling on your fence and using it as a good place to shed their outer shell, but they will not eat your wood fence or lay eggs on it. They may perch there for awhile until they are ready to fly, and when they are they will fly away and find a suitable branch on which to complete their life mission.

Will cicadas leave your fence a mess?

Cicadas do not excrete any kind of mess that will end up showing on your wood, or even vinyl, fencing. The worst they will do it is leave their exoskeleton hanging on the side of your fence. These skeletons can be easily swept away if you wish to take a broom to them. If left alone long enough, however, they will eventually get knocked off by the wind or rain. Over time they will deteriorate and disappear.

In summary, you not need to worry about Cicadas harming your fence. They may be loud and annoying, but they mind their own business for the most part. Bear with them for just a little longer and we guarantee you wont see them again 17 years or so 😉