Choose A Security Fence That’s Right for You

Frederick Fence will help you choose the best security fence based on your facility’s needs.

The best security fence can be an excellent way to protect your business. Keep intruders at bay with a protection fence made of sturdy posts and strong, metal mesh. Animal pests can be a real problem, as well, especially if you have dumpsters behind your facility. Surrounding your waste area with the best security fence will keep these critters at bay! There are a plethora of protection fence options, and choosing the best one depends on what you’re planning to protect. Educating yourself on the best security fence will help you make an informed decision.


Wrought Iron Protection Fence

Wrought iron fencing material is extremely aesthetically versatile. Deck out your business in elegant style with speared tops, patterned rails, and intricate curves while protecting it. They are also very difficult to scale. With vertical posts encompassing each panel, these fences will keep even the most skilled climbers from penetrating your property.

Industrial Aluminum Protection Fence

Requiring no maintenance, painting or staining, aluminum security fences won’t cost you once they’ve been installed. Combined with industrial strength alloys, aluminum is just as strong, if not stronger than iron fencing. The fencing material is durable and non-porous, meaning it will not rust or become brittle. Industrial aluminum fencing is the best option for you if you’re looking for a reliable security fence that requires little to no maintenance.

Chain Link Protection Fence

Our chain link fencing material is commercial-grade galvanized and vinyl coated material. This fence will last a very long time. It is corrosive resistant, easy to install, and versatile. Chain link fences provide a visual property line boundary that is impenetrable. If you have a very large facility with multiple buildings and institutions which only authorized individuals are allowed to enter, chain link fencing is a great way to keep wanderers at bay. Some people might not know if they’re illegally trespassing, so building a physical boundary is an easy way to communicate ‘stay out.’

Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

The tightly manufactured mesh paneling makes this fence unscalable. It is almost impossible to fit feet or hands into the linked metal, and with added height there’s no way anyone will be successfully getting in. Tools used to cut fences, such as pliers, will not fit through the mesh either. If you’re having issues with break-ins or feel that your business is not in the safest area, installing a welded wire mesh fence will have you sleeping soundly at night.

Steel Fencing

Probably the strongest material you could make your fence out of, steel will turn your business into a fortress. When paired with security cameras, swipe-card access, or electronic gates steel fencing will allow you to control who enters your property. Sometimes the presence of a sturdy-looking fence is enough to keep people from trying to enter.

Have You Picked The Best Security Fence Yet? Frederick Fence Can Help!

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