Now Is The Time To Schedule Your Fence Estimate

While you’re inside your home wearing your pajamas inside out and doing your best “snow dance,” there’s one other thing you could be doing to make the most of the winter season: scheduling a fencing estimate for your home!

Now before you go and raise your eyebrows and think I’m the craziest person you’ve ever met, let me explain to you why now is the best time to schedule a fencing estimate & inquire about fence installation cost. 

Time is On Your Side to Get a Fence Estimate

While everyone else wishes for Mother Nature to blanket the area with snow, why not dare to be different and think ahead of how your property will look come springtime when you have a brand new fence to highlight your yard, keep your loved ones safe and benchmark your outdoor living space. By making a call today and getting a fencing estimate scheduled now, you’ll be ahead of the crowd and can have your fence installed just as everyone else is clamoring to get an appointment for an estimate. Our fence consultants are able to work with your schedule, which means we can come out at any point in the day to give you a fence installation cost and measure your area for a fence. In fact, if you provide us with enough details—such as a plat or a set of blueprints—we can sometimes measure the fence without you having to be there and meet when it is convenient to discuss your options.

black aluminum fence

Once you get a fencing estimate, the fence installation cost is good for thirty days; if you decide to wait a week or two to officially get on the schedule for a fence installation, you’ll still be ahead of the crowd once warmer temperatures arrive in time for spring. If you happen to live in a development with a strict Homeowner’s Association (HOA), you’ll save time now as it’s easier to get approval for a fence when no one else is submitting their paperwork. We’ve had to wait for installation as much as six weeks as homeowner’s must comply with their HOA rules for buying a fence (and at Frederick Fence we always require proof of approval before we dig that first post!). Additionally, if there’s a permit required by your local county for building, the offices are typically empty this time of year, which means you get your fence installed sooner, rather than later!

Waiting to get an estimate in the middle of spring or early summer means it will take longer to get the installation done. Why not act now so that you have the entire spring and summer season to enjoy your fence while others are simply waiting for something to happen!

Save a Little Money by Getting a Fence Estimate Now 

If you have a budget set for your big home improvement projects, you can actually save a little bit of money by getting your fence estimate during the winter season. As we mentioned late last year, installing a fence in winter means you can often save on fencing materials. Sometimes professional fence installers end the year with surplus supplies, meaning that certain types of fences may cost less as professional companies sometimes offer reduced rates on materials to make room for new materials in the spring and summer.

picket top fence

By calling now, not only will you get on the schedule as soon as you want, you can also save a bit on labor rates. If you want a complex, custom job that requires a bit more design, this is the best time to get that project going. Custom latticework or wood patterns can take weeks to fabricate in the middle of the busy season and vendors often charge a higher rate for these efforts. Now’s a good time to get a fence estimate if you want something unique as you can get the job done quicker and save a bit on the labor!


estate fence

Ready to Beat the Rush and Get an Estimate for a Fence?

If you want a fence this year and wish to maximize the time you have to enjoy it with your family and friends—while also saving a bit of money—contact us today and one of our fence consultants will be happy to work with you to design fence solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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