Making a List and Checking It Twice…Remember To Ask Santa About a Fence!


Before making your annual visit to your local shopping mall so you and your children can meet up with Santa Claus, one thing you may want to add to your holiday wish list is a new fence for Christmas.  We know that if you’ve been good all year that Santa would surely love to bring you a fence that will magically appear—along with a nice blanket of winter snow—to make your holiday the best and the brightest.  Given some of the amazing gifts he loads on his sleigh, a fence makes perfect sense for Christmas morning!

If you’ve asked the man in red to bring your family a new puppy or a horse, you’re going to need something to keep your new four-legged friend safe inside your property!  Santa also knows that there’s a good chance that we may have a warm spell in late December, which means if your children get a new trampoline, a bike or a swing set under your tree— and your property lacks a structure to keep them safe inside your yard—a new fence means everyone can enjoy their new outdoor toys before those brisk chilly temperatures really take hold of our area.

In reality, we have it on good authority that Santa’s sleigh cannot carry all those fences when he leaves the North Pole on the night of December 24th.  However, if you’ve recently purchased a home or if you do plan to add to your family with a few four-legged friends who will bring so much joy to your lives, December remains one of the best times of year for purchasing a new fence.

Why Buy a Fence in December?

Waiting until late spring or early summer means that everyone in your neighborhood will be clamoring for getting a new fence placed on their property.  This means that you may have to wait when the demand for fence projects reaches its seasonal high.  Even though our crews are highly efficient and install the highest quality fence possible, homeowners may need to wait up to four to five weeks depending upon when they place their order.  In fact, if a fence company tells you they can install a fence you order on the last of June by the end of the first week of July, consider why they have such a minimal wait time!

Buying a fence this time of year means we can go from the permit process to installation within a few days as opposed to several weeks, meaning that if you contact us in early December, chances are you’ll have your fence in time for Christmas morning!

Remember Your New Pets on Christmas

Planning to add a new four-legged family member on Christmas?  Getting a fence now means you can safely let your new little friend outside to take care of business without worry.  Any type of privacy fence –such as wood or vinyl panels—will do the job of keeping your pets safe outside.  They’ll also keep strangers from entering your yard and doing them harm.  Should you want a more open perimeter and wish to install an aluminum fence, we recommend panels with puppy pickets.

Puppy picket fence is a special type of aluminum fencing for dogs with a narrow row of pickets at the bottom of the fence. This prevents puppies or smaller dogs from escaping through the bars, getting their head stuck, or digging holes to get to the other side.

Before the Weather Outside Gets Frightful…

Most Decembers bring minimal snow fall and milder temperatures to the Maryland, DC, Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania area.  Unless Mother Nature gives us a month of soaking rain, we can send crews out most every day for fence installation.  Depending upon the size of your fence area, we can complete smaller projects—like townhomes—within two days.  Larger fence projects may take longer, but there’s still plenty of time for completing a project before those truly messy winter conditions settle in and keep us all safe inside our homes!

Ready To Fence in Your Holidays?

Want a new fence in time for the holidays or before winter arrives with its freezing temperatures and lots of snow?  Either give us a call any weekday before 5 PM or use our online chat feature, and we’ll schedule one of our special festive fence consultants out to give you a custom fencing project estimate! You can also get a free online estimate by clicking here!

Should you need a reason to avoid the mall, feel free to stop by our showroom on Tilco Drive in Frederick any weekday before 5 PM to take a look at our great samples.  You can even purchase fence project materials if you’re inclined to build your own fence!

We thank you for stopping by our blog site—be sure to check out our other entries on fence materials and benefits of fencing if you’re still “on the fence” about what you want. May you, your family, pets and friends all have the best holiday season ever! See you in 2017!