Invest in a Dog Fence! Your Dog Will Love Playing in the Summer Sun

dog fence
Frederick Fence offers a variety of fencing options to suit your dog’s needs.

After being cooped up inside all winter, rarely given time to frolic about independently, your dog will love the opportunity to stretch out those muscles with our home dog fence options. Go outside! A new DIY dog fence will help you stay active. Playing fetch is a wonderful bonding activity for you and your 4-legged friend. While playing, constantly worrying about your dog running away will be an irritation of the past with the help of tasteful dog fence options. Before getting ahead of yourself, there are several different DIY dog fence solutions to consider before deciding on which is best for your scruffy best friend.

White Picket Dog Fence Options

Aaah the classics! White picket fencing with a golden retriever pup on the other side is a common expression of the American Dream. These DIY dog fence solutions consist of a solid wooden frame with narrow slats of wood nailed upright. With a plethora of height variation, white picket dog fence options can be modeled to fit your dog’s breed. They are very durable, offering the strength of wood without totally blocking the view of your home. You might want to consider, however, that they are rather expensive, don’t keep passersby from touching your dog, and may be prohibited by some zoning laws.

Split Rail Dog Fence

Split rail DIY dog fence solutions consist of wooden brace posts joined by two or more wooden cross rails. They provide a very open view of your yard, dog, and home. Split rail fences incorporate a very strong base, but in order to keep your dog from scooting through the open slats, a metal fabric must be added across the wooden cross rails. Split rail fences are relatively inexpensive, and combine well with other types of fencing, so they can be used to spruce up a more visible part of your yard.

Chain Link Dog Fence

These are the most common fences for dogs. Chain Link Fences  are a series of pipe support posts with diamond-shaped wire metal between them. They are incredibly strong and durable. The diamond-shaped mesh is far too small for any dog breed to penetrate. Offering a full view of your yard, these fences are perfect for showing off that landscaping project you’ve been working on while your beautiful dog frolics about happily. Luckily, most zoning laws allow these fences to be built in residential areas. You must consider, however, that these fences are expensive, and again, do not necessarily deter passersby from teasing your dog.

Snow Dog Fence

As one of the cheapest options, snow fences consist of low-gauge wire fabric of 2×4 inch rectangles. The mesh is small enough, again, to keep dogs from poking their head, paws, or nose through, and height can be adjusted depending on breed. Although cheap, these fences do require routine maintenance. The low-gauge wire fabric rusts through, so checking it often to make sure there are no holes is necessary. Spraying the snow fence with rust preventative spray will keep it looking good.

Farm Dog Fence

By far the cheapest option, farm fencing is loosely woven, narrow-gauge wire with larger rectangles at the top, and smaller rectangles at the bottom. It will not obstruct the view of your home, and will confine large breeds. When considering this fence please note that the wire mesh corrodes easily, and smaller dog breeds can penetrate the smaller rectangles at the bottom.

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