Introducing our Newest Supplier

Frederick Fence Company now offering high quality and eye pleasing aluminum fencing from a company located right here in our local area.


At Frederick Fence our goal is to meet as many of the fencing needs as possible in our community. We wish to be able to provide what our customers need and want out of a new fence for their homes. One way that we have strived to meet this goal recently is by partnering with a new local residential and industrial fencing materials supplier. We jumped at the chance to partner with a company who can not only enhance our lineup, but that is also local to our service area.  This new relationship gives us and our loyal customers several other advantages as well:

 1. Shortened lead times. The past two years have been full of crazy times for the fencing industry. The high demand and product shortages caused unusually extended lead times on all products. Homeowners have been more than ready to purchase fencing, but we were unable to install within their desired timeframe. The additional capacity afforded by this new relationship will allow us to install fencing within a shorter time frame, making our customers happier all around!


2. Local product = shorter shipping distance. Many manufacturers continue to experience transportation issues such as extended delays, inconsistent delivery dates, damage from long journeys, and rising gas prices. We can combat some of these issues by buying locally.


3. More product options! Over the past 2 years national brands have been streamlining their product lines in order to mass produce their bestselling styles. We are excited to be able to say “yes” to customers who want the more exciting custom fence styles.


4. The ability to offer steel.  Residential steel fencing and commercial ornamental steel fencing have become a popular alternative to aluminum fencing.  IronWorld will allow us to offer affordable steel fencing options to our customers who wish to add extra strength and durability to their fence. 



Therefore, without further delay, allow us to introduce you to Maverick Ultra Aluminum and Maverick Ornamental Steel from Iron World.  Iron World, located in Laurel, MD has been in business for many years and has been a consistent presence in the Washington DC market place.   We look forward to a prosperous and productive 2022 and are very excited about the possibilities this new product line offers to Frederick Fence and its customers.  We could not agree more with Iron World’s mission statement that comes directly from their website:

“Our mission is to provide superior products and service to all of our Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers at a competitive price. Iron World Manufacturing strives to be at the forefront of ornamental fence manufacturing and powder coating technology. Our commitment to customer service is never sacrificed as we treat each and every customer as a valued partner.”



Through Iron World we have the ability to offer our customers a broad range of products we truly believe in. Iron World styles are broken down into 3 basic categories: Aberdeen, Barcelona, and Canterbury (pictured below accordingly). Each is available in aluminum (Maverick Ultra) and steel (Maverick Supreme) material. There is also a two rail option available in each style (not pictured here). From here you can customize your IronWorld fence by choosing from various detail options: heights, colors, shapes, and more!



Here is an example of an IronWorld fence that was installed by our company.



You can find out more about IronWorld, what they offer, and who they are as a company by checking out their website here. 

If you think you might be interested in a locally made IronWorld aluminum or steel fence, give us a call! We would be more than happy to talk you through different options and pricing for your project.