Spooky Halloween Fence Decoration Ideas

Remember when Halloween used to be about buying a cheaply made plastic costume so you could go door to door and fill your pillowcase full of candy? About a decade ago, the only things you needed to buy for a fun night celebrating ghosts and goblins were a few bags of candy to hand out to neighborhood trick or treaters.  Those days are long gone as the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that the average American will spend—on average—$77.52 this Halloween, which means total spending on Halloween in 2014 could reach $7.4 billion! That not only includes candy and costumes; it also includes the costs for Halloween fence ideas.

According to the NRF, there’s been a steady increase since 2005 on spending for costumes, candy, party materials and decorations.   In fact, Halloween is now one of the most popular party events for adults.  With this growth in popularity, more and more adults who love this holiday tend to go all out when it comes to home décor and fence decorating ideas. Walk into any major retail home improvement store and you’ll see dozens of life-sized yard decorations that pay homage to the ghosts, goblins and fallen spirits.

If you happen to be a homeowner with a fence, here are some spooky Halloween fence ideas to add value to your own Halloween celebration.

Fence Decorating Ideas for Wood Fences

If you have a wood fence, you can easily spruce it up by placing some pumpkins or lanterns on your fence posts to give potential trick or treaters an extra fright.  Other Halloween fence ideas, for tall fences, will allow you to hang a scarecrow from the posts or attach them to some large cornstalks and secure them to the fence boards.  You can even purchase holiday-themed garlands and hang them off your fence posts and runners.


Fence Decorating Ideas for Iron Fences

Iron fences offer you many options when it comes to decorating them for the scariest night of the year.  Since many cemeteries use iron fences to protect the dead and buried, you can easily turn your yard into a makeshift graveyard by adding some fake tombstones and placing them near your fence.  You can also purchase cobweb-like materials to spread between the rails to make your iron fence look even more imposing and frightening in the dead of night.

If you truly want to go all out and use your iron fence to create a nightmarish environment, consider getting a fog machine.  To add to the effects, pick up some skeletons or skulls with LED lights in the eyes so they can stare down even the most unsuspecting of trick or treaters.

Fence Decorating Ideas for Vinyl Fences

If you happen to own a vinyl fence and have access to electrical current outside your home, you can use a projection system to project images onto your fence.  Commonly known as “gobos,” you can buy a projection system which can project logos, patterns or photographic images of scary images to create an incredibly haunting atmosphere on your property.  A visit to a local craft shop is also the place to go for decorative decals that you can stick to the fence during your Halloween festivities, meaning you can peel them off once the big night for ghosts and goblins comes to an end.

Halloween Fence Ideas for Temporary Fences

If you don’t own a fence on your property but still want to create a ghoulish atmosphere, there are dozens of websites that sell Halloween-themed fence materials, such as picket fences with skeleton heads on top or fences made out of bones!

pumpkin on a fence post

In case you can’t find anything at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s, head over to The Find.com and plug in the term “fence decoration Halloween”. You’ll get hundreds of great images and links to sites that sell all kinds of fences to create a scary fence for your fright night party!  You can even use this site to find out who sells what in your area.

Ready to Keep the Goblins Away This Halloween?

If you simply prefer to keep the local ghosts and goblins off your property this Halloween season, contact us today and we’ll send out one of our own ghost-busting fence experts to design the perfect fence for keeping the zombies, vampires and evil spirits from entering your yard!

Fall is still a great time of year to buy or build a fence since the ground has yet to reach freezing temperatures and it’s still pretty comfortable to work outside.  If you’d like to get your yard fenced in for next spring, now’s a great time to visit our lumber yard—we’re even open on Saturdays!

Do you have pictures showcasing your own spooky Halloween fence decoration ideas?  Share them below in our comments section.  After all, this time of year, people are dying to find out how to create the perfect Halloween home environment!


Happy Halloween to everyone!  From your friends at Frederick Fence!

Photo Credit: all images in this article are used under license from Thinkstock.