3 Driveway Gate Options for Beauty & Security

Want to add a touch of elegance to the entrance to your property with some driveway gate styles? Looking to make some home improvements property that will surely increase your home’s value?  Do you want some added security in addition to your fence to protect your loved ones and animal friends?  If so, consider driveway gate options for your property!

Black Aluminum Driveway Gate

Driveway gates have become one of Frederick Fence’s most popular options in the recent years.  Homeowners enjoy the additional beauty and security a gate offers.  A driveway entrance gate is also a fantastic way to express a bit of creativity and individuality if your goal is to distinguish your entrance and make it truly memorable. What’s interesting is that sometimes homeowners will select gate materials different from their fence because they want a gate that truly makes a statement on their property’s entrance.

Of course, there are some that want the gate for added security as a driveway gate serves as an effective closure that can safeguard the entire perimeter of your property.  Some folks like installing a call box for added measure, meaning that you can keep out all unwanted visitors—especially those folks who go door-to-door selling products or services at times when you just prefer to be left alone.

Here are a few of our most popular types of driveway gates for you to consider:

Wooden Driveway Gate Options

Wooden Driveway Gate

If you have a wooden fence, a wooden driveway gate is a great option for enclosing the entire property.  There’s a simple but appealing elegance to enclosing the area with the same material used to build the fence as the gate easily complements the fence’s composition.  However, some homeowners who have an aluminum or iron fence select wooden driveway gates because they do add a bit of rustic charm—especially in our area where there’s a lot of mountains and hills.  One way to showcase a wooden driveway gate is to frame the doors with brick pillars on either side.  With wooden driveway gates, you have many options and can easily create a picket style gate or a paddock gate, depending upon whether or not you want added privacy.  You can also get extremely creative and have an ornate pattern cut or burned into the wood to give your entrance some truly unique visual appeal.

Aluminum Driveway Gate Styles

White Aluminum Driveway Gate

Aluminum driveway gates—sometimes referred to as “estate gates” add both a touch of style and security to a property.  Aluminum is a sturdier material and you can select among several grades of aluminum to maximize the security for your front entrance.  Another reason why homeowners often select an aluminum driveway gate is that it’s a low maintenance as it will not rust.  With aluminum driveway gates, you also can choose from a variety of colors to truly set your entrance apart from the rest, meaning you can make your entrance as beautiful and secure as you want to be and then never have to worry about upkeep!

Vinyl Driveway Gate Options


If beauty, security and privacy are your ultimate desires for adding a driveway gate, then consider the vinyl driveway gate.  A vinyl driveway gate is built to last and is made of highly durable materials that will never fade.   You may need to spray the gate down with a hose from time to time, but other than that, a vinyl driveway gate offers you the ability to keep your family, children and pets safe from unwanted visitors and a high degree of privacy.

Just like with aluminum driveway gates, you can choose from several colors and can also design a fence with some distinctive lattice work for additional decoration.  You can also design a vinyl driveway gate in a variety of heights, depending on how you wish to frame that main entrance.  And just like vinyl fencing, vinyl gateways come with a manufacturer’s life time warranty.

Driveway Gate Openers

When you work with us to design a driveway gate, we’ll also work with you to ensure you pick the best driveway gate opener to meet both your design and security needs.  If you want something simple and manual, you can select from a variety of latch options, magnetic devices and keyed locks.  If you don’t want to fuss with ever getting out of your car to come in and out of your property, you can also select from a wide variety of automated openers, including ones that can either slide open and closed or swing out.  Just make sure that you consider how you wish to enter and exit your property when designing your driveway gate and think long-term so that you make the best choice for access to your property at the right time!

Think It’s Time for a Driveway Gate?

Got a great fence but need to add that one final step toward maximizing security for your property?  Ready to install a new fence and need a secure and beautiful driveway entrance gate for your home?  Give us a call at Frederick Fence at 301 663-4000 and one of our expert fence consultants can help you create a comprehensive fence solution that includes a driveway gate while meeting your needs and staying within budget.

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