Fencing for Townhomes in Frederick


The Frederick area is comprised of many townhome communities, with even more being constructed all the time! If you are currently in or new to a townhome community in Frederick, here are some things you should consider regarding your fence . . .


Privacy fencing is a Must

Privacy fencing is highly recommended for any townhome situation. Privacy fencing is the best way to define and enclose your own space, making it feel like an extension of your home. The best styles of privacy fencing for townhomes include wood solid board, wood board and batten, and vinyl tongue and groove privacy. Wood board on board privacy style is very common, but this style does not offer complete and total privacy. When standing at an angle, you can see through the slats on this fence to some degree. We could consider this to be a semi-privacy style fence rather than a full privacy fence.

Learn more about various privacy fence styles that would work well for your townhome here:

Popular Privacy Fences


Consider your HOA

As in any case, it is very important to follow the guidelines of your Homeowners Association when installing a fence. Be sure to submit an application for fencing and obtain approval from your the board before starting installation. Pertaining to townhomes specifically, it is common for HOAs to limit the style of fencing to the board on board or “shadowbox” style. Newly developed Townhome communities might require vinyl, a pricier option, but a longer lasting and much more modern material.



Shared or Double fencing?

Most commonly, townhome have one shared fence line between each unit. This saves space, but can cause a rift between neighbors if sharing the fence ever becomes an issue or it should ever need to be replaced. Your HOA might also have certain requirements regarding the fencing between neighbors. They may require only one shared line for simplicity and aesthetics. In a “best case” scenario, two adjoining neighbors would be in agreement to share the cost and upkeep of one shared line of fencing.


Wood or Vinyl?

Wood and vinyl are both excellent choices for a townhome fence. Again, consider what your HOA might require in terms of material. Wood material will save money up front, but you will receive a much longer life out of vinyl material. Consider your investment by weighing both options.


Permitting and HPC

Any fence installed within the boundaries of The City of Frederick requires a permit. If you are unsure if you are located within the City, you can call and inquire at the permitting department (301-600-3808). You should also ask for confirmation that you are/are not located within Historic Frederick. The Historic Preservation Commission has parameters on what type of fencing is allowed downtown. The City will require you to obtain a permit from HPC before your City permit application is accepted.  You can ensure your fence meets Historic Guidelines by following the rules found here.

If you have more questions about the permitting process, you can find more information at the website here.

Frederick County does NOT require permits for all standard types of fencing, but there are other towns within the County that do, so make sure you inquire with your local municipality about any necessary permitting requirements.



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