Popular Privacy Fences

Are you interested in a privacy fence but are unsure of where to start? Some potential customers see privacy fences when they are out and about, but do not know the names to be able to explain to us the fence style they saw and liked. Through this blog, we hope to give you all the lingo you need to be able to tell us what kind of fence you would like installed.


Our Most popular Privacy Fence Solutions

The following are popular fence styles are ones that we install on a very regular basis. These are also the styles that our customers ask for most often. One (or all) of these might be one you have seen around town. When you are ready to get your fence cost estimate, let our scheduler or your sales rep know that one of these is what you are interested in.


Solid Board Privacy (Treated Pine or Cedar)

This type of privacy fence is exactly what it sounds like. It is made up of vertical boards that line up and touch to create a solid surface of boards across the whole fence line. Different features can be added or taken away to create different looks, but the basic idea is the same. Slight gapping in solid board fencing is common and something you might want to be aware of. As the seasons change and temperatures rise and fall, the boards will shrink and expand, causing minor gapping between the vertical boards. Overall, however, you will have complete privacy with this option.




Board on Board (Treated Pine or Cedar)

This fence style provides you with a lot of privacy, but not complete privacy. The boards are attached in an offset manner so that if you stand at an angle, you can see through to the other side. Board on Board is also referred to as Shadow-Box or Wyngate style. It is commonly seen in town house developments and even required in many of them.



Vinyl Tongue and Groove

Tongue and Groove or “T&G” is so named for the way the slats in the fencing fit together. Each slat has a side with a “tongue” and one with a “groove.” The effect is a strong, solid, even layer of vinyl fencing that provides you with complete privacy.



Vinyl T&G with Lattice (5’+1’)

This fence style is similar to the Tongue and Groove privacy (as it is made up of tongue and groove fencing on the bottom) with the addition of 1’ of lattice on the top. This fence adds up to 6’ tall and provides you with almost complete privacy except for what little can be seen through the lattice. The lattice comes in different styles and sizes to suite different needs.


Standard Lattice has larger openings that provide less privacy.

Privacy Lattice has smaller openings and cannot be seen through as well.

Square lattice crosses up and down, not diagonally.