3 Custom Porch & Deck Railing Ideas to Fit Your Outside Living Area

If you’re like me, you may remember how having a porch was a great way to get to know your family and your neighbors.  Not too long ago, the front porch was the place where most people in suburban— and even urban areas— used to gather to create a greater sense of community.  Porches were places where you interacted to get to know your neighbors, quiz your children on the kinds of things they were learning at school or you’d sit on the porch to look at the night sky and try to find the constellations and dream of a better life. 

Today, we now see fewer patio railing ideas or porches on most homes as decks have become the primary outdoor living space for most homeowners.  We now see high-end furniture and cooking appliances marketed specifically for the outdoors, making the deck a full extension of a home’s living space rather than a place to simply sit and ponder.

When you have a porch, a deck, one thing to remember is that you have a great opportunity to add a personal touch through the type wooden deck railing ideas or deck fence ideas you may install and decorated enhancements that add to the overall elegance and beauty of your home.  Below are some wood deck railing ideas and deck fence ideas for ways to showcase your porch and deck beyond a simple railing that matches the flooring:

Lattice for Porch and Deck Railings

Lattice is one of the most popular wooden deck railing ideas to add some style and privacy to your porch or deck railings. You can purchase fabricated panels and rails to build your own lattice or you can splurge and work with a skilled wood smith to create your own custom lattice work to turn it into a piece of outdoor art.  Many folks who live in townhome developments often add lattice to their decks to create separation between the other homes in their row.  Lattice also offers you additional opportunities to add natural beauty to your porch or deck area as you can either hang plants off them or grow vines among them, which offers a truly natural look and feel to your outdoor area.

lattice deck railings
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Add Accents to Your Porch and Deck Railings

If you have an existing porch or deck and just want to spruce it up and give it a bit of embellishment by adding decorate post caps, you can choose from round balls, gothic post caps, or even solar energy gaps, which provide a great energy-efficient lighting source in the evening hours.

If you’re truly looking to build something unique for your porch or deck railings, you can work with your installer to create custom pattern inside rails. For example, I’ve seen people install metal rods that form unique and eye-catching patterns within the railing or they use wood to build out intricate geometrical designs and then stain for added impact.

wood deck railing with custom rail work
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Mix and Match Porch and Deck Railing Materials

Remember that your porch and deck rails do not necessarily have to match the flooring materials.  In fact, Frederick Fence has installed many vinyl porch and deck railings to match with wood flooring.  Homeowners love vinyl because vinyl railings last a lifetime and do not warp or bow. Our vinyl railings are also impervious to deterioration from moisture, temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure and typical wear and tear that occurs over time. They’ll never scratch, fade, split, crack or need scraping and repainting.  Another reason why people choose vinyl railings is that it comes in several colors, meaning you can pick materials that complement your outside furniture scheme

Another way to mix and match is to use different materials within the rails. Wooden railing frames by themselves are gorgeous and create a natural looking border to any home. Accenting wood porch or deck frames with decorate iron or stainless steel cables can enhance the wood and showcase your originality to your outdoor curb appeal. You can also replace a section of your rail to build out custom seating or create permanent planters for flowers and shrubs. Another popular option is to use brick pillars as end points where there are steps or openings.

vinyl railings
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Ready to Add New Porch or Deck Railings?

If you have an existing porch or deck and want to upgrade your railings, our vinyl products or our accent items could be the perfect fit to your deck fence ideas. In fact, many of the accent items we sell will also look good on your fence posts! Contact us today and we’ll work with you to design a railing (or fence) project that meets your needs and stays within your budget.