Aluminum Fence Maintenance


You may have read our title up there and thought “wait, I thought my new aluminum fence didn’t need any maintenance. That’s why I chose the aluminum!” Fear not! This information is for our readers who desire to go above and beyond for their fence’s safety and care.

No, your aluminum fence does not require any special maintenance in order to live a full fence life, but at the same time the tips and tricks you find here will help increase the beauty and length of the life it will have.

Cleaning Tips

  • On a regular basis, just plain ole water is all you need to keep your aluminum fence clean. Spraying it with water from your garden hose will assist in removing fertilizer chemicals, dirt, grass, and other debris. Our retail customers that live on the coast can add sand and salt to this list as well! The powder coating protects the fence from being harmed by these debris but giving it a regular hose down will keep it looking clean and fresh.


  • Spot cleaning. In most cases soap, water, and a soft sponge is enough to get the job done. Be gentle and take your time. Resist the urge to use harmful brushes and chemicals.


  • Simple green is acceptable to use in defense of grease. If you are considering using a cleaner, do so in moderation. CLR (calcium, lime, and rust remover) can be used on hard water stains. Again, both of these solutions should be used in small amounts. Rinse well immediately after application.


  • Use Caution. We would just like to reiterate that less is more. Do not use harsh cleaners or scrub brushes on your aluminum fence. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but your fence will be worse off in the long run. Improper aluminum fence cleaning can cause discoloration and damage to the protective coating.

User Tips

There are some things you can do (or NOT do) to minimize the risk of damage to your aluminum fence.

  • Gate Maintenance. Your gate might need to be adjusted every so often, which is a common necessity as the ground settles and changes over time. Be sure to inspect the hinges and screws. Use oil on some areas when necessary.


  • Wind damage prevention. Do whatever you can to keep the gate secured in high winds and bad weather. Keep it shut tight in the latch. A gate swinging in storms is a recipe for broken parts. Add additional latches or cords to help distribute the weight so that a single latch isn’t holding too much weight.


  • Physical damage prevention. Don’t let anyone swing, hang, or climb on the fence. Try to resist stacking heavy objects too close to the fence in case they should fall and break the pickets or runners. It is also wise to inspect and maintain overhanging tree limbs that might fall if a heavy storm were to hit. Lastly, be very careful with power weed trimmers along the bottom of your aluminum fence sections and posts.

If you are interested in aluminum fencing, check out the page on our website concerning the benefits to this material. We have endless combinations of styles, colors, and grades to choose from! Call now and talk to a sales rep about materials or make an appointment for someone to come out and discuss them with you!