Want a Smooth Fence Installation Process? Follow These Tips!

There are many factors that play into fence projects and the time it takes to install them from the time of the sale. Each case is different as well. Generally speaking, the list below is made up of things our customers can do to help the process along.  



1. Know what you want before you meet with your salesman

Our website, along with many others out there can provide you with everything you could need to make material and style decisions. Narrowing down the specifications of the fence you want to purchase will make the consultation with your salesman smooth and easy. Sometimes our sales reps can even price up a contract for you to sign on site, getting your job into our system’s back log literally as soon as possible.

2. Get approval from your HOA as soon as possible

Depending on the HOA, approval can delay fence installation for up to a month. If you are sure of your preferred style, layout, and material you can apply for approval even before your sales rep comes out! If you desire to get your fence in as soon as possible, HOA approval is something You can work on to help speed and smooth the progress of your fence job.

3. Find your property plat beforehand

Property plats provide helpful information about your property that your installers might need to know. If you live in Montgomery County your property plat is crucial for obtaining a permit for your fence. You cannot obtain a permit without one. The quickest way to ensure a speedy permit approval is for you to search for it ahead of time and provide a copy to your sales rep at the same time you sign a contract with us. If you do not have one, there are ways to locate one from city and county offices (though they do not always have one on file), so let us know as soon as you conclude that you do not have one. Plats will also help us determine if you have any easements on your property that require special approval to install fences within. Achieving approval in some types of easements can add quite a bit of time to your fence installation date. Having the plat early on will help us locate any relevant easements and minimize delay.

4. Know where your property line is and show proper documentation

Our customers are responsible for knowing their own property when it comes to fence location. On the day of install your foreman will walk your property with you to mark exactly where the fence line will be. Unless there are property pins in the ground, there is no way for our installers to know where your lines are unless you tell them. Not knowing exactly where your property lines are is a recipe for creating issues later down the line. We have seen cases where neighbors, HOAs, and county municipalities have all complained and forced customers to move fences that were accidentally installed outside of their property line. We recommend you search for property pins using a metal detector. If none can be found, hire a surveyor to come and mark the property corners well before the day of install.

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