Choose Vinyl for Your Trash and Appliance Enclosures

Looking for a way to make your outdoor appliances less of an eye sore? Are you ready for a more aesthetic way to store your trash and recycling bins? Look no further because Frederick Fence has got you covered, literally!

Privacy fencing not only makes for the perfect barrier around your property; it also provides a great way to hide things you do not want yourself or any potential guests to see when you are enjoying the great outdoors.

Vinyl is a great material to use for all your enclosure needs. Vinyl is great for many reasons. It is long lasting, low maintenance, and you can make any kind of structure with it! When you choose our vinyl we promise you will have it for a lifetime.

Choose from a variety of style and color options

Did you know that vinyl does not just come in white, tan, or beige? Think of any color in the rainbow or in between and you can have it! The photo below is just a glimpse of the color combination possibilities!

In addition to the color benefits, our vinyl is of the highest quality. We special order each set of rough materials from Grand Illusions. We then construct your fence in house! Every customer gets a custom fence every time. The possibilities are endless, so feel free to match your specific home style to a T!


Take a look of some examples of different styles and strategies people have used to hide their outdoor appliances or bins using vinyl.

Classic White 

Matching Green

Bold Black

Earthy Brown