A Few Guidelines to Horse Fence and Animal Enclosures

Humans have been taming and domesticating horses for thousands of years. However, unlike ancient horseman who were stuck with sticks and stones when it came to enclosing and protecting their horses, we have the benefit of a wide variety of both traditional and modern horse fence building techniques and materials to choose from. Follow these guidelines to make sure your horse fence or other animal enclosure fence is up to snuff.

Put Safety First

animal enclosure fence
Safety is an important part of the process when creating a horse fence building.

Barbed wire is relatively safe for use in DIY horse fence projects or pastures holding thick skinned and calm cattle, but can cause tragedy when it’s around horses. A decent horse fence should have no barbed wire on it. Building and local codes may also determine how tall horse fence building or animal enclosure fence can be, but a five feet minimum height is an excellent starting point when working on your DIY horse fence. Regardless of fence material and design, make sure a smooth side is presented to the horses. Extraneous mounted boards will be easy target for horses to kick and break, and damage fence integrity.   

Fence Posts Are Important

The strength and longevity of a horse fence building depends on it having high quality and expertly installed fence posts. Horsemen often choose pressure treated lumber, such as pinewood or fir. Look for treated lumber that is certified for in ground use in order to ensure the best possible fence. Metal T-posts are inexpensive to purchase and install, but come with some added risks.

Barriers Are Key

Barrier are held up by fence posts and should be strong enough to contain a horse. They should, however, not hurt the animal if they charge the fence. Effective animal fences are strong, durable, and provide a psychological deterrent to prevent animals from seeking escape.

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