Why You Need Windscreens for Your Fence

Sports windscreens (also called privacy screen fence or fence windscreens) are a great option to upgrade your fencing. Windscreens offer a number of benefits for a variety of applications. Here are a few reasons you should consider fence windscreens from Frederick Fence for your sports fencing:

Windscreens Make Fences Safer

Improve your facilities with a sports windscreen
A privacy screen fence can improve your fences in multiple ways.

Chain link fencing is a common cost-effective way to separate courts and fields in sports complexes. It can also be hazardous in certain situations. Children can easily climb on and over chain link fences. Athletes may collide with fencing during a game, which could cause injury.

Sport windscreens create a barrier between the player and the fence. Avoid cuts, pinches and other injuries by installing a windscreen on your fence today.

Privacy Screens Protect You

At the very least, a good privacy screen fence will keep prying eyes off the tennis court while you struggle through improving your backhand. With the right privacy screen, you can protect the privacy of your swimming pool or yard without the investment of a brand new fence. Privacy screens can also block harmful UV rays, providing shelter from the sun when needed.

Improve Your Facilities with Windscreens

Few things are more frustrating for an athlete than a windy field. Well-placed fence windscreens will minimize gusts and keep the ball on target. Not only that, but windscreens can drastically transform the appearance of your facility. Installing windscreens will give your baseball diamonds and soccer fields a sophisticated, professional look. They also make maintenance easier and cheaper by protecting your fence from weather and other wear and tear.

Increase Revenue with Fence Screens

Fence windscreens or privacy screen fence options provide a valuable marketing opportunity for your organization, your sponsors and potential advertisers. Done right, good windscreens for fences can pay for themselves. You’ll never have to hold a bake sale again.

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