Vinyl Industry Update

Did you know that our team can look at just one picture of any vinyl fence around and tell you if we installed it or not? The little differences we make in fabrication and installation make a big difference in the overall integrity and look of each vinyl fence. It is why our vinyl is superior to other companies and why you should choose the Frederick Fence Co. difference. We stand behind the quality of our fencing and our craftmanship warranty guarantees it.


The Frederick Fence Vinyl Process

Our vinyl material is literally a cut above the rest, and it is because we fabricate it ourselves in our very own vinyl shop. Every vinyl fence is made to order with each customer’s yard, needs, and desires in mind. Your fence will fit together perfectly and last a lifetime because of our precision routers and expert team of fabricators.

You can learn more about our vinyl production process here, as explained by one of our dedicated sales reps.

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Your Installers Know Their Stuff!

We have dedicated crews that each specialize in the fencing they install. Some crews only install one material out of the five or so that we offer. You can be sure that the crew that is installing your vinyl is equipped with many years of experience AND installs vinyl almost every day of the week. They may have even worked as a fabricator at one time.

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Vinyl Availability Update

We have seen vinyl availability plummet, rise, and somewhat normalize over the past few years. There were times throughout the pandemic when we did not know whether or not we would receive ANY vinyl material at all. We were forced to reach out to our customers and honestly tell them how uncertain the situation was. We apologized and asked for patience as we strived to navigate through the uncertainty that was vinyl production. In any given week we might have received none, one, or multiple trucks with a mixture of raw materials, leaving our fabricators with the task of piecing together what little they could to turn into full fence orders.

Our vinyl fence installation lead time is still extended (10-14 weeks) due to volume and crew availability. Our desire is to shorten that lead time to where it is similar to other stock fence products. Our team is working toward that goal by scheduling fabrications and installations in such a way that we will be able to catch up from the COVID back log by the end of this year, if not sooner!

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From week to week since COVID started, we were asked the same question: “do you offer vinyl in any colors other than white?” We were forced to say no for the better part of two years. A year or so ago, we were able to start offering very limited amounts of beige. Now, we are happy to say that we can order any color on the spectrum and turn it into your dream vinyl fence.


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We are ready and excited to create a lasting vinyl fence for you! If you are located in our service area, have us out for a free estimate to discuss your options. 301-663-4000