Tis the Season Reminders

We are excited to be heading into the holiday season after a very productive year of fencing! Our team deserves all the credit imaginable for making this year another great one for Frederick Fence. There are a few things we would like to remind our customers of as we head into the colder months filled with holiday weekends, unpredictable weather, and a slow-down in sales. Below, you may just find the sign you are waiting for that NOW is a great time to sign a contract for a fence!


We install during the winter.

We know this is hard to believe sometimes, but we install fencing through the winter! Trust us, it is possible and completely acceptable to do so. You can learn more about this topic in one of our other blog posts here!


Expect shorter lead times, with a greater possibility for unexpected delays.

Wintertime can be just as good a season to install fences as any other! The thing we worry about most during the cold months is not the condition of the ground, but the condition of the roads. We are able to install fencing in the coldest of temps due to the fact that we dig below the freeze line, but we desire to keep our crews and office workers safe and off the roads during any active storms. PLEASE keep your ears and eyes open for sudden updates on your fence installation date during these months of unpredictable, and sometimes dangerous, weather.


Holidays tend to create delays on install times.

As much as we try to factor in the days that our office and installation department are closed during each holiday, it does not always work exactly how we plan. Depending on the existing back log through the year, holidays can create anywhere from minimal delay to up to a couple of weeks. Please work with us and we continue to strive to get your fence installed as soon as possible. We appreciate any patience and flexibility you can extend to our team.


Fence costs come down in the winter.

It is common to see material prices fall during the months when demand is not as high. We transfer this through our own sales as well to make sure our customers benefit. If you do not already know, Frederick Fence prices projects very carefully and meticulously based on what materials cost us to purchase. If a material price were to come down even by just a few pennies, we make the change to our breakdowns, and therefore, YOUR fence project. That being said, please also keep in mind that once you sign a contract, you lock in your price for your fence. We do not extend discounts or add additional charges to final bills if material costs change.



To sum it all up. . . this is one of the BEST times of the year to call us and place an order for your new fence. You will not be disappointed by the current lead time on free estimates and fence installation. Call 301-663-4000 and get scheduled for a free consultation today!