Quarantine To-Do List, Fence Edition

Has quarantine left you with nothing to do? Have you exhausted your Netflix account and wish you had some real work to do? We’ve got you covered by giving you a list of five tasks that will not only spend some of your quarantine time but also improve the appearance and condition of your fence!


Walk Your Fence Line

Check out the integrity of posts, boards, nails, joints, and locks. How does everything look? If you have an older fence it might be a good idea to take a hammer with you just to tap in any nails that may have come loose. Take note of things like mold, rot, splits, and breaks.

Do Some DIY Replacing

If you have noticed any boards or posts that need replacing, take a note pad and pen along with you as you do your initial inspection. Make a list of how many boards/posts/caps are needed. Take measurements as well. Then, give us a call! We can put a quote together for all the DIY materials for fence repairs that you will need to touch up your fence. We can deliver the materials to you, or you may come and pick them up.

Clear Away Brush

Some varieties of vines and plants can cause extensive damage if allowed to grow uncontrollably over fencing. Most fencing, especially if it is older, is not meant to carry such a weight. Some varieties can even cause deterioration and mold growth, so keep an eyes out for intrusive plants and cut them back as needed.

Inspect Overhanging Trees

It would be great if tree damage, being so common, could be avoided before it happens. Well, much of it actually can! Consider dead or dying branches that look like they could come off if a heavy storm came through. Save yourself any future costs of fence repair by taking down unsafe limbs now. We encourage you to do as much as you can yourself, but please call a tree company before considering tackling any tall trees or large limbs.

Do a Fence Makeover

Staining, painting, or power washing could be just the fence improvement your yard needs to look its best again. This is a more extensive project that will take more time and thought, but maybe that is just what you may be looking for during this time! Check out our blog about fence and deck stains that we recommend. Make sure you research proper methods for the type of fence that you have. You can check out our blog that explains the best way to clean your vinyl fencing here.

Written by Laura Braden