Plant These Along your Fence Line

Spring is the BEST time to think about landscape design and the addition of some beauty and color to your yard! With the right amount of time and attention, along with a little planning, your backyard could be a spring/summer oasis you will never want to leave! Specifically in the area of fencing, there are a few different objectives that might motivate your design for the landscaping along your fence.


Cover it Up

Do you have an old fence or maybe one that you do not like the color or design of? Maybe you just moved in and you don’t have the time or money to replace it! Go with the cheaper and maybe even more beautiful option of covering it up! Tall bushes, trees, hedges, and even climbing varieties can help in not only covering your fence but also creating an entirely new atmosphere in your yard. You’ll have your guests wondering if they’ve stepped into a secret garden rather than your backyard!

  • Chinese Jasmine Star Climber is a beautiful dark green vine that spreads to cover a very large area. It has small white flowers that bloom seasonally. This vine grows best on wire mesh or chain link fencing, which provides a place for the vine to grab and be able to stretch even higher.
  • Southern Magnolia Trees have large thick leaves that provide excellent cover. They bloom May through June, revealing their beautiful creamy white blossoms that can measure up to one foot in diameter! These trees are also ever greens, making them a great choice for year-round coverage!
  • Pencil Pine Trees are another good source of coverage. If you plant them just far enough apart, they will grow together and provide complete coverage. These are great for their ability to merge together and you can prune them to look however you would like.
  • Lilly Pilly is one of the most beautiful options you can choose. It comes in dark green, red, or flowering varieties! Growing these in a line creates a very effective hedge. Some varieties grow wider or taller than others, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs.


Make it Cohesive

If you are going for a look that is more cohesive between your landscaping (plants) and hard-scaping (fencing), this list is for you. The following varieties are medium in height, ranging from 3 to 5 feet high. They are also all perennials, which means they come back every year.

  • Azaleas bloom in the spring and early summer. They are hardy and come back well every year. These lovely flowering bushes come in many different color varieties and sizes. Trimming seasonally will help these guys stay healthy and also keep them from getting too big.
  • Roses are also a wonderful option for your fence line landscaping. The lowest maintenance varieties include the At Last Rose and the Blushing Knock Out Rose. Both are resistant to disease, easy to maintain, and just the right height to go with your cohesive vision.
  • Cone flowers are in the mid-level range as well. They can grow up to 4 feet tall and bloom in mid-summer. Choose from a variety of colors such as dark orange, pink, yellow, and white! These are commonly seen dispersed among wildflowers, but they can be planted in small groups in your garden to resemble a flowering shrub.
  • Nandina is a beautiful leafy evergreen shrub that has lots of texture and personality. It comes in bright green, red, or BRIGHT red. It has all the traits that make a great companion for your fence. Nandina is extremely hardy and does not require any pruning or extra care. Simply plant and enjoy!
  • Hydrangea bushes are another great choice for your landscape design. If you love flowering plants, you will love this extravagant bloomer! They have very large flowers of pink, green, purple, blue, or white! They bloom from early summer and into fall. Hydrangeas would be a great fence line shrub on their own or incorporated with other plants.


Show it Off

Perhaps you just absolutely love the look of your fence and want to add a small amount of landscaping to make it pop! There are many varieties of low-lying shrubs and flowering plants to plant along your fence line that can show it off well.

  • Hosta is an awesome, low maintenance basic for any garden design. These leafy green perennials come back every year and come in a couple different color designs. The one picture shown here includes just about every color you can get.
  • Phlox is a ground cover plant that creeps and spreads its blooming beauty all over your garden. Adding a pop of color with Phlox will really make your fence stand out. There are many varieties of Phlox that differ from what you see here, so do some research and find your favorite!
  • Lilyturf is an ornamental evergreen grass that blooms during the summer and fall. Lilyturf does not exceed two feet in width or 12 inches in height. It makes a great border when planted in rows.


We hope we have given you some inspiration as to what could be possible in your yard. We want you to use some of these fence landscaping ideas to really enjoy your fence and make the most out of the space you have.