Privacy or Split Rail

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What type of fence is best for you?

You’re looking for a new fence for your home but can’t decide on whether your home requires privacy or whether to opt for a more aesthetic approach. Sounds like you’re on the fence about it (pause for dramatic effect).

At Frederick Fence, you can truly have it all. Our line of privacy fences offers that necessary protection with style and our ornamental fences offer needed protection. Before determining what kind of fence you need, read on to learn which would be best for you.

A Privacy Fence

Wood privacy fences offer security, reduce noise, and keep your pets and property safe. With a privacy fence, you can feel safe knowing that others cannot see inside. Frederick Fence can install your privacy fence for you, or help with your DIY project.

Benefits of a Privacy Fence

Decoration: A full paneled privacy fence will serve as a beautiful background for your garden or plants. Whether you intend to paint your fence, stain it, or leave it as is, the color will serve as a frame for your growing things.

Shelter: A privacy fence offers better protection than any other fence from the weather. Protect your plants and other items in the yard from wind or cross-rain with a privacy fence.

Variety: There are so many different types of privacy fences, giving you a choice in style for your yard. Make yours unique with a privacy fence specific to your style.

A Split Rail Fence

A split fence is just one example of ornamental fencing offered by Frederick Fence. The split rail fence, or log fence, is a type of fence constructed out of timber logs. They are simple in construction and offer minimal shelter or privacy. Split rail fences, historically, were used to keep horses or livestock contained.

Benefits of a Split Rail Fence

The Aesthetic: The split rail fence offers a pleasing way to define your landscape. The timber fence adds rusticity to your home unlike any other.

Durable: Because of the split rail fences simple build with sturdy materials, the fence lasts a long time. By using vinyl fencing for a split rail fence installation rather than wood fencing, the fence can even avoid rotting, chipping, and cracking over time.

Simple Protection: A split rail fence is perfect if you’re not looking for an elaborate way to protect your home. The fence will keep some animals and your children from leaving. You can always use wire as a way to better protect smaller animals or avoid deer.

Call Frederick Fence for More Fence Care Tips

Frederick Fence has the expertise and years of experience to build your family the perfect fence for your home. We specialize is building fences that combine privacy with beauty and we are familiar with many types of fencing materials, so bring your wildest dreams to your consultation with us and we will make them a reality! Interested in a quote on privacy fence costs or learning more about our services? Visit us online or give us a call.