The Perfect Privacy Fence for Enjoying the Outdoors

One of the benefits most consumers want from home-ownership is a backyard and an effective outdoor privacy fence. There’s nothing more pleasing than spending time outdoors with your family, your pets and your friends.  Most homeowners view the space outside as a natural extension of their indoor home space so installing a privacy fence would really be beneficial. Visit any big box home improvement or department store from February through July and you’ll see a plethora of options for creating a perfect outdoor environment—ranging from furniture to cooking appliances to decorations and lighting.  People enjoy using their outdoor privacy fence to both entertain and relax. However, what homeowners do not enjoy is spending time outdoors and feeling as if the rest of the neighborhood is sharing their experience with them. 

After a long day at the office or schlepping your children from soccer to dance to swim practice, you want to have the luxury of coming home to your outdoor oasis where you can drink a glass of wine, read a book or watch something mindless on Netflix on your laptop or iPad. The last thing you want is your neighbor’s dog barking at you simply because they see you, or your neighbor taking an interest in what you’re watching or drinking.  Or worse, maybe you just don’t like your neighbors and would like to minimize your interactions with them.

Bottom line: Sometimes you just need that perfect moment of privacy!

The best solution to create those moments- Installing a privacy fence!

cedar privacy fence with lattice top

What’s so perfect about an outdoor privacy fence?

Privacy fences are taller than your average fence and are solid, so your neighbors lose the ability to see you spending time enjoying your outdoor area!  Imagine being able to take a dip in the pool without having to feel like you’re the star of your neighbor’s favorite reality program!  Think of all those episodes of Friends, Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black you can enjoy without interruption!  You could even enjoy rereading the entire Harry Potter series and not see a single muggle!  Privacy fences grant you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors on your own terms.

In addition to enjoying the open air without worrying if the rest of the world has joined you for a little relaxation, privacy fences also offer some additional benefits:

Extra Security

Installing a privacy fence can keep your quality time in the backyard private while also adding a greater level of security for protecting your children and animals as it helps keep intruders out.  For additional safety, you can either eliminate the need for a gate or make sure you put locks on the gates themselves.

Privacy fences also keep your family inside your yard, which is a great comfort for families who live near busy roads.  In addition to unwanted human guests, privacy fences prevent stray animals from wandering into your yard.  This is especially good news for those of you who live near deer, who enjoy nibbling on plants and shrubs.

Shelter from the Elements

Privacy fences can act as a source of shade without having to plant many trees to create the same affect.  This depends, of course, on where you place your fence and how high it is.  An additional environmental benefit is that privacy fences can protect you from strong gusts of wind, meaning your furniture, plants and other decorative items stay inside the yard.

Noise Reduction

Privacy fences not only keep your neighbors from watching your every move, it also can decrease the noise level so you can relax or entertain outside without having to endure every little neighborhood sound.  This doesn’t mean you’ll have complete peace and quiet, but a solid privacy fence does a great job of diminishing most noises.

The Perfect Types of Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fences make one of the best privacy fences and can transform your back yard into a highly comfortable and elegant oasis, given that you can choose from a variety of styles to build panels that enclose your property.  Some of the most popular styles of wood privacy fence include:

board on board privacy fence

Vinyl Privacy Fences

For those who want privacy, luxury, no maintenance and one fence to last a lifetime, vinyl fences make the perfect privacy fence money can buy!  Vinyl is about five times stronger than wood so it’s a lot sturdier and it’s dense enough to act as a better sound barrier.  Vinyl is also more resilient to strong wind, rain, and other extreme weather.  And the best part about vinyl?  Other than a little soap and water, once the fence goes in, you never need worry about maintenance at all!

Vinyl Privacy Fence with Lattice Top

Ready to Buy the Perfect Privacy Fence?

Want to spend time outdoors relaxing on your own terms this summer?  Have a desire to limit the envy your neighbors will experience when you install a new pool?  Just want more privacy and time away from the rest of the world? Looking for information on Privacy Fence Height recommendations? Click here.

If you’re ready to buy that perfect privacy fence, our expert privacy fence consultants can work with you to design a backyard oasis so you can enjoy your time outdoors on your own terms.  Contact us today.  We’re here to help build you a fence solution that meets your needs and your budget!

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