Four Things to Know Before Buying a Vinyl Fence

If you’re in the market for a fence this fall and find yourself with vinyl vs wood fence options, look no further than a vinyl fence!

Most homeowners choose vinyl fencing for the following reasons:

Vinyl Fence Benefits Last A Lifetime

The bottom line is this:  Vinyl fences are the only fence that truly lasts a lifetime—it’s one of the most durable and permanent fencing materials you can select for your home.  Unlike wood or most metals, vinyl can withstand the elements.  Other vinyl fence benefits include how much sun exposure or snowfall it endures, your vinyl fence will never fade, rot, rust, warp or ever appear to age.  Once you purchase it, you never have to worry about replacing it. 


When it comes to Vinyl vs Wood Fence- Vinyl Fences Are Virtually Maintenance Free

Once you invest in a beautiful home, you want to enjoy it as much as possible.  When you buy a wood fence or a chain link fence, you will need to devote additional time and money to maintain your fence—or even replace the fence.  With a wood fence, you may need to stain or paint it every few years or you may need to replace multiple boards or large sections as wood will eventually fade or rot after several years of the sun’s heat or extremely wet and windy winters and springs.  With a chain link fence, you need to worry about the fence chipping or rusting,

Other vinyl fence benefits include you hardly having to lift a finger to take care of it as it’s truly the most maintenance free fence.  Occasionally you may have to wash it with soap and water, but most of the time, a simple spraying with a garden hose is all you need to make your fence look shiny and new like the day you installed it!


Vinyl Fence Benefits Come In A Variety of Options

Want something other than a simple solid board fence or a picket fence?  That’s not a problem with vinyl fence materials as there are many amazing options when it comes to color and patterns. If your wish is to design a fence that showcases your own style and unique taste, vinyl gives you the widest array of design options.  It’s truly one of the most beautiful and artistic options on the market today; think of vinyl as an investment that lasts!

In today’s market, you can choose from more than 30 colors and styles, including a lovely wood grain vinyl that looks like wood, but, unlike wood, never requires staining or replacing!

If you want added privacy for your home, a vinyl privacy fence is truly the best option as it allows you to enjoy your yard without being on display and even offers you a bit more noise reduction than a wood privacy fence.  If you want something more open, consider a vinyl estate fence or a split rail fence.


Vinyl Vs Wood Fence: Ready to Buy A Vinyl Fence?

If you’re considering buying a vinyl fence or noise abatement fencing that will last a lifetime, we offer the best vinyl fence solutions in the region—and for one reason alone:  we now fabricate our own vinyl fence, meaning the vinyl fence you purchase from us comes with the best price and a 20 year warranty!

Contact us today and we will help you design a vinyl fence that meets your needs and your budget!

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