Fall Into a New Fence – The Benefits of an Autumn Fence Project

Even though summer’s now a distant memory, the pool is covered and the temperatures are colder, fall is one of the best times of year to install a new fence!  In fact, our motto at Frederick Fence is “if you can still see the ground, you can put a fence down!”

Why is fall a great time to install a new fence?

For one thing, a majority of home owners typically get a new fence when the weather’s warm, meaning longer waits for getting your permits secured and your fence installed.  The busiest season for ordering a fence runs from May through July—when EVERYONE in the neighborhood wants to put a fence on their property.  Most installations go in quickly, but when we get hit with summer storms and several days of wet weather, the installations can take longer, meaning more delays.  During the busy season, one hint that you might be dealing with a less than reputable fence company is when they tell you your fence can go in within a week—that tells you no one is making use of their services.  In summer, with a high demand for fence, you can expect at least a three to six-week lead time for installation.  However, in fall, things can take just a couple of weeks, including the permit process!  That means you still have time to enjoy your fenced-in yard and can let your children and pets play outside in safety.

Second, depending upon inventory and demand, you’re apt to find some discounts on materials or labor.  There’s no guarantee for this, but typically at the end of the busy season, your fence materials may cost slightly less or you may a reduced rate on labor, depending on customer demand.

Third, buying a fence in the fall means you’ll be ready for spring and won’t have to deal with the rush to get a fence installed when the weather warms up again.  As soon as the weather turns warmer, the phones tend to ring off the hook for fence vendors and then the race is on to see who can get their fence installed first.  If you happen to own dogs, having a fenced in backyard during the colder months is a true blessing as you can simply let your four-legged friends outside without having to walk them when the weather turns bitter cold.

A tip for home owners taking possession of a new home in fall

If you’re buying a brand new home this fall, you can roll your fence installation in with your mortgage, meaning you don’t have to shell out additional money for your fence once you buy your home!  Talk to your lender or give us a call at Frederick Fence and we’ll show you how you can easily add your fence to complete alongside your brand new home so you can immediately enjoy the security of knowing your children and pets will remain safe and sound inside your brand new yard when you move to your new home!

Ready to buy a fence this fall?

Ready to buy a new fence for your business or property?  Want to see what Frederick Fencer can do for you while the weather remains in our favor? Give us a call at 1-800-49-FENCE or use our online chat tool and we’ll send out one of our fence consultants who will make sure you get the best fence for the best value before the ground freezes up this winter!

Ready to build your own fence and want to purchase materials?  Simply stop by our showroom at 1505 Tilco Drive in Frederick and we’ll get you everything you need for your DIY project!  We’re open 7 AM until 5 PM, Monday through Friday!

Get started on your DIY fence installation now and you’ll have one less project to worry about in 2017!