Adding Value to Your House on the Market

Written by Laura Barnsley

We get pretty frequent estimate requests for properties that are on the market or soon will be. So the question arises: “What type of fence adds the most value to a home on the market?” It can be difficult to determine the answer to this question considering the fact that different individuals have different tastes, especially when searching for their perfect house.

Ideally, we would like to be able to narrow down the fence types that would add value to your home to one or two; the ones that are beautiful in the eyes of most everyone, functional in many ways, and of the greatest monetary value. The list is going to be different, however, for each case depending on various factors in regard to the home in question.

Should you even bother putting up a fence?

One of our awesome salesmen, Alan, who also works in real estate, knows what makes a property sell. He has some insight to pass along to those considering putting up a fence for a house that is on the market. . .

A fence adds value to the home. Although the money that is invested into putting up a fence might not be recuperated in the sale, the fence will help the house sell more quickly. This might mean just as much, if not more, to many sellers.

Don’t go cheap. You might be telling yourself to get the cheapest fence possible because you’re selling the house, therefore it won’t be your problem down the road. On the contrary, there is great evidence in favor of getting a good quality fence in these cases. Neither you nor the buyer will be pleased if the home inspector comes around and states that the fence was made poorly and won’t last. It may not be this extreme, but don’t think you can put up a fence like this (pictured left) and think it will escape notice! Basically, the more time and money you put into the fence, the quicker and better off the selling process will be.


Now let’s talk about some other factors that you should consider when choosing a fence for your house on the market. . .


1. Put your personal preferences aside

It doesn’t matter that you might hate wood fences for instance, or that you would never put chain link in your yard. This won’t be your home for much longer. Let your home, your yard, this blog, and your salesman tell you what will be the right choice. You won’t be there for much longer anyway, right? Hopefully not with the help of your new Frederick Fence Co fence!

2. Consider the layout of the yard and style of the home

Choose a fence that adds to the overall look of the house and yard. Check out some photos of different styles and materials to determine what would look best. It’s all about staging in real estate most of the time. Pick something that will improve the aesthetics of the home in general or even match certain materials used on the house. Do you have vinyl railing on your porch? Use the same color, style, and material for the fence in order to tie everything together and make it look cohesive. Of course, your Frederick Fence Salesman will be able to point you in the right direction in this area.

3. Don’t forget to factor in the look of the surrounding area

What does your neighborhood look like? Are the surrounding yards maintained well? We encourage you to consider the view from the front and back of the house. Do they need to be improved? Maybe it needs to be showcased for its beauty instead! Tall solid privacy fences are what you need to cover up whatever is taking away from the atmosphere in the back or front

yard, but if the view is wonderful, go for something low lying and transparent like split rail, picket, or estate fencing in whatever material best suits the property (see, we are learning from the above section, right?)

4. Determine the purpose you want the fence to fulfill

What sort of buyers are you trying to attract? Is the house suited for family living, maybe with multiple bedrooms? Do you have a yard that is great for dogs? Make it work even better for families and pet lovers by adding the right fence! Chain link is great if all you need is a good dog fence. If you want to consider something more aesthetic that also keeps dogs and children safe, estate or paddock fences with wire mesh or a taller aluminum option would work perfectly.

5. Make sure it is done right

If you are going to spend the time and money to have a new fence installed, make sure the quality is good. Go with a fencing company you can trust and that will do quality work so that your property will be eye catching to any prospective buyers. Here is the part where we say “give us a call!” We will do everything possible to give you the best quality your budget can buy, and you’ll get the family friendly service to go along with it! That is what we are committed to!

6. Go a step further

Don’t stop at the fence! Make that new look go further by giving the whole yard a little extra TLC.  Consider adding some landscape features next to the fence like this photo to the right to make it all come together. Remember what we said about staging? Every extra step could mean all the difference to a potential buyer.


Are you ready to add that little bit of extra value that could mean the difference in the selling of your home? Call us at 301-663-4000 or send us a request for an estimate on our website. We look forward to working with you.