6 Attractive Dog Fence Options

Written by Laura Braden

There are plenty of effective dog fences out there, but not all are very eye appealing. Take a look at the options below if you are looking to install a fence that is right for your dog and also looks great!

1  Privacy

Privacy style fences are great and probably the very best dog fence option there is. They are too tall for the dogs to jump over (usually 6 feet) and solid, so dogs will have no reason to want to jump over anyway. The only downside to this style for your dog can be boredom because they will not be able to see beyond the fence line. For some people this may be just what your dog needs, but for others it may result in too much boredom for your already laid-back dog. The other thing about privacy fences is that they are pricier than just about any other style, so we would not recommend spending the money for one if your  pet is your only motivation. Go for one of the cheaper, yet effective dog proof fence options below.

2  Picket


Picket fences that you see around are not usually tall enough to keep out larger, more energetic breeds of dogs, but they come in whatever height you desire. You can also choose how close the pickets are to one another, making it a good choice for very small dog breeds that can squeeze through most spaces. If you like the look of the picket style, this may be the way to go for you. Choose from any wood or vinyl material yard fencing for dogs to get that classic, beautiful picket style you’re looking for.

3  Paddock  Split rail    5   Estate

You might say that these styles aren’t an option for you because of the large gaps that dogs can squeeze through, but with the help of our secret weapon we can make an effective dog fence out of any of these styles! Adding wire mesh to any number of paddock, estate, or split rail styles lets you have the dog fence you need AND want. Mesh is also a great option for the dogs out there that are escape artists! We can install the mesh so that it goes all the way to the ground. Then, install tension wire so that the dog cannot bend the wire and get out underneath. The only thing we cannot prevent is digging! Check out some of this yard fencing for dogs that come in both wood and vinyl!

6  Aluminum

Aluminum fencing is durable, long lasting, and a bit pricier than other styles and materials. Aluminum style fencing is great for larger breeds that do not insist on relentlessly chasing after every interesting thing they might see outside the fence. Smaller breeds, however, might squeeze between the pickets all too easily. This may be the most attractive dog fence we can offer, but it will only accommodate certain breeds.


One pet safe fencing tip that we have for you is that you know your dog. Every dog is unique and has different needs. I would not get a 4-foot-tall picket fence for my 100lb Doberman. She would jump right over it going after the first squirrel she saw! Something like a Dachshund, Maltese, or even a laid-back Labrador would do just fine with this type of fence. Introduce your dog to your sales rep or let them know what kind of dog you want to get. They will steer you in the right direction!