4 Types of Fencing that are Safer than an Electric Dog Fence

If you are one of the fortunate people who has a dog in your life, you know they are family and why it’s important to find the best dog fences. I never look at dogs as something you own, I look at them as a welcome addition to any family as they provide so much joy and love in your life.

At Frederick Fence, a majority of our clients buy the best dog fences to keep their dogs safe inside their property, as we all know that sometimes a dog’s curiosity may cause them to wander off if there’s no pet safe fencing. When we learn that a homeowner is considering an electric dog fence as one of their options, we always tell our clients to take that option out of the picture and find the best pet safe fencing available, as electric dog fences are just not worth the money and effort when it comes to protecting your four-legged friends.

Invisible fences for dogs work by delivering a warning sound followed by an electric shock from a dog’s collar when they attempt to cross the perimeter you establish. Folks like them because they are relatively inexpensive. However, I do not recommend them at all as they often do more harm than standard dog safe fencing.

Why We Don’t Like Electric Dog Fences

For an electric dog fence to work, you need a shock that’s both large and painful.  The shock is meant to condition the dog to shy away from the boundary and so most electric fences deliver a shock so severe that it often does more than just startle them, it can actually hurt them and why would you do anything to hurt a dog? It’s simply not the best fence for dogs.

wood dog fence

Electric dog fences also create associations with pain and become a form of punishment for your dog.  For example, if your dog loves to greet you when you come home,  they may eventually associate your return as a form of punishment as they get a shock to their system each time they want to tell you how happy they are to see you.  Over time, this can cause your dog to fear you or it may cause them to get angry and lead to behaviors that are more aggressive if they perceive their yard as a threat.  Because the fence is invisible, dogs may become more fearful over where they can go on your property, leading to all sorts of neurotic behaviors, such as constant whimpering, or they may lose the desire to want to go outside at all which would not make this the best fence for dogs.

Electric dog fences also don’t always work.  If a dog sees something they want to chase or they get frightened by loud noises like thunder or firecrackers, they can still go through the fence line in a panic or frenzy.  And once the dog goes beyond the fence boundary, good luck getting them back in your yard as the electric fence also keeps them out of the yard once they cross the line.

Electric dog fences will not keep other dogs or strangers off your property, which means another animal can wander into your yard and agitate your dog, causing them harm if they get too close to the perimeter in trying to run off the other animal away from your home.  Likewise, a total stranger can just enter your yard and the dog may not react for fear of getting an electric shock in trying to protect your children.

If you really love your dog and want to keep them safe inside your yard without hurting them or causing any stress or unnecessary aggression, I suggest one of the four following types of fences for your consideration:

Chain Link Dog Fence

Chain link fences are easy to install, are highly economical, and are widely considered as one of the best backyard fences for dogs. It also gets the job done in creating a solid barrier that keeps your dog inside the fence. We offer both residential and commercial grade galvanized and vinyl coated chain link fences, meaning you can choose among several types of chain link depending upon your budget and desire to create a dog containment fence with some visual appeal.

chain link dog fence

Wood Dog Fences

If you’re looking for something more ornate and—in some cases—a bit more secure, wood fences are a great option and can be considered pet safe fencing.  One of the advantages of wood fencing is that you immediately have more options available to you than chain link.

Many homeowners like split rail fences, which creates a more open view on your property.  The one caveat to a split rail fence meant to keep your dogs inside your property is that you also need to add some type of fabric—like welded wire—inside the fence and close to the ground to keep your dog fenced in.

Picket fences are another popular wood option as you can build a picket fence where the wood slats are close to one another to keep your dog from ever going through them or where the slats themselves are fairly high to keep your dog safe and inside the yard.  I recommend this pet safe fence if you happen to own smaller dogs who are not too rambunctious.

For larger dogs or those who happen to enjoy barking at anything that wanders by your yard, a solid wood fence—such as paddock fences, vertical board, board on board fences or stockade style fencing.  You can also choose among several types of wood such as oak, western red cedar, pressure-treated yellow pine or black locust.  If you want to add a decorative flair to your dog fence, you can also add a lattice top or some kind of other geometrical pattern.

Aluminum Dog Fences

If you want to maintain an open view on your property and want a sturdier safe pet fence, more durable and maintenance free, consider an aluminum fence as some of the best dog fences available. Aluminum fences come in various sizes and colors and can be a more economical option than a wood fence.  Aluminum fences are also maintenance free once installed, so you never have to worry about staining or painting the fence.  You can also choose from several grades of fence, so if you happen to own large or more aggressive dogs, you can purchase an industrial style fence that easily keeps your pets inside your yard and intruders out.

One option with aluminum that is pretty great is ordering aluminum fence panels with “puppy pickets,” which means that the lower portion of the fence has pickets spaced closer together so that your dog won’t be able to squeeze through the fence and wander off.

Vinyl Dog Fences

If you want a fence that lasts a lifetime and requires hardly any attention once it’s installed, consider buying a vinyl fence.  Vinyl fences truly are the best option if you want to both keep your dog inside your yard and keep others out.  Most homeowners love it because it also allows you to enjoy time outside with your dog without being on display to the rest of the neighborhood.   At Frederick Fence, we offer more than 30 distinctive styles for you to choose from, all fabricated with 100% virgin vinyl, so you have quite a few options depending on your needs and budget. Check out our other Dog Fence Options here!

Ready for a Dog Fence This Summer?

If you have a dog or two and need a fence that will keep them safe inside your yard without causing them any anxiety or harm, contact us today and we’ll design the best fence for dogs that meets your needs and works within your budget!