Pre-Fall Season Fence Maintenance

So, it’s August, and fall will be here before you know it. The latter days of summer can be a great time to do some basic maintenance to your fence before the fall months get too busy with school activities, holiday preparations, and so one! There are just a few maintenance tips we would like to pass along to you regarding your fence this season.


Do a quick walk around. Take a look at the general condition of your fence. Do you see any cracked boards, warping, or obvious signs of rot? Try to get a clear picture of the overall condition and plan your maintenance tactics accordingly.

Get hands on! Wiggle every post and make sure they are all still firm. Wobbling is a sign that the post has rotted and will not last much longer. Listen for crackling sounds as well when you shift the post. . . another bad sign. Give each board a tug too. Sometimes the nails can come loose or even rust and break without you knowing. An easy fix compared to the posts!

Don’t forget to look up. Sometimes the greatest threat to your fence can be found above it.  We are talking about trees that hang over your fencing. Dead branches and even healthy branches can be weighed down and broken by winds and heavy snow fall, resulting in the demise of your fence sections.

Don’t forget to look down either. Consider removing brush and debris as well as trimming back foliage from around the bottom of your fence. These factors can cause the excess moisture brought by the fall and winter seasons to become trapped against the fence. Excess moisture increases the chances of rot and rapid deterioration.

Check gate functions. Open and close all gates and take note of how they function. Are they dragging the ground? Are they warped or hard to latch? Check out the hardware as well for and observe any excess rust or damage. For one reason or another, it is almost a guarantee that your gates will need to be replaced well before the other fencing.

Use tape to flag boards and posts.  If you do find some fence maintenance issues that need to be corrected, start by flagging the problem areas with tape so you can later do a count and remember how many replacement boards, posts, and pieces of hardware you need.

Make a plan. Decide where you will purchase your materials. Just like with anything else, prices on fencing materials will vary from place to place, and so will the quality. Do a little research if you have the time.

Try to predict how long it will take to make all repairs; an evening? A weekend? Then, carve out the necessary time somewhere in your schedule in the near future.

Will you need help with pre-fall fence maintenance? Check with a family member or friend who would be willing to help you. Think of some bribe ideas ahead of time in case they are reluctant to agree to help ;).



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