The simple, traditional styling of stockade fences, combined with affordability and low maintenance, make this among the most popular styles of fences for homeowners. One of the oldest fence styles in America, stockade fencing can match the architecture of home styles from classic colonial to modern. Frederick Fence offers stockade fence installation throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia, including Olney and Ellicott City, and.

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A stockade fence is a simple fence constructed with wood boards that has pointed edges placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel. Stockade fencing is comprised of pieces of wood that are ¾” thick and 2 and ¾” wide that are nailed to 3 runners and connected through posts to create a pre-built 6’ tall x 8’ wide section. These sections are face nailed to 4”x4” treated post set in dry packed concrete. Gates are built out of a stockade panel with a cedar brace and set on 6”x6” post.

What makes wood stockade fencing highly sturdy is their fence posts. At Frederick Fence, we use Spruce wood for stockade panels and pressure treated pine posts, which hold up well under pressure and can withstand the elements for many years. Any stockade style fence we build also comes with an 18-month warranty on workmanship.

For those who have property with a lot of slopes or changing terrains, stockade fences allow you to rack the panels as you install them, meaning you can adjust the angle on the panel pieces when placing them on uneven surfaces. The last thing folks want with a privacy fence is any huge gaps at the ground level—especially if your goal is to keep your children and pets in the yard and intruders out.

Benefits of Stockade Fences

Aside from the cost-effectiveness and low maintenance, stockade fencing provides the highest level of privacy and security. A wood stockade fence crafted with wooden fencing panels will also help reduce noise and wind in your yard.

Homeowners also love the simple and traditional look a wood stockade fence creates. If you’ve ever visited a historic military site or one of the original settlements—such as Jamestown or Williamsburg—in your area, chances are a tour guide has shown you replicas of a stockade style fence, The word “stockade” actually refers to military prison in a camp, meaning that the original intent of the stockade fence was to keep people inside an area as opposed to out.

You also need to be highly exact and know where your posts will go prior to installation (don’t forget to call Miss Utility before you dig!). You also want to make sure that your posts are dug deep into the ground and set them in concrete so the posts can withstand the elements over time and hold the panels in place. If you happen to live in a hilled area, inquire as to whether or not you can rack the panels to account for the slopes on your property. If you’d like to find out more information about keeping your garden and yard safe, check out our Deer Resistant Flowers here!

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Whether you’re ready to build your own wood stockade fence or you want someone else to come out and help you design a stockade fence that offers you the best in privacy, security and stability to meet your needs, drop by our lumber yard or contact us today to get started.