Keep your pets safe inside your property, while keeping other animals and unwanted guests out. No matter what your dog fence installation & fencing material needs are, we have them covered! A dog fence gives you the security of knowing that your pet will be safe inside your yard while keeping other people’s pets or even wild animals away from your property. Frederick Fence installs dog fences throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

One of the main reasons why homeowners purchase a fence is to create a perimeter that keeps your dog safe inside your property while also keeping other animals and intruders out.  At Frederick Fence, we believe that the best fence option is a physical fence as it offers you the security of knowing that your pet will be safe inside your yard while keeping other people’s pets or even wild animals away from your property.

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For beauty, durability, and low maintenance in a dog fence, look no further than Vinyl Fencing Installation. Vinyl pet fence is built to last and is made of highly durable materials. Other than the occasional use of a garden hose to keep it clean, vinyl fencing is truly maintenance free and will never fade or warp.

Chain Link

Chain link fence, is ideal for its affordability and added strength.  Chain link fences will provide an extra sense of security if your dog happens to be a breed that loves to chew their way through any type of surface, which makes it ideal for dog run fencing.

Split Rail

Split rail fences, typically constructed out of pine lengthwise, remains one of the oldest and most reliable fences for keeping a dog inside the yard. They are very simple in their construction and you can build these fences almost anywhere. Split rail fences also provide a much more open view; clients often like the traditional and yet professional look they add to their landscape. However, this fence often requires some type of fabric-like welded wire-inside the fence and close to the ground to keep your dog inside your property. Split rail is virtually maintenance free once installed.


You can purchase picket fence in various heights as well, depending upon the size of your dog. With picket fences, you also have your choice of decorative picket tops—from rounded or straight edges to ornate curves and arches. You can also customize your picket fence based on the size of your dog and how active it is to make sure your four-legged friend stays in the yard.


If you are less concerned with privacy and still want to treat your dog to a neighborhood view, consider a high-quality aluminum fence. With aluminum fence, you have a wide array of dog fence options to choose from—all of which can add a highly elegant look to your property while keeping your dog safe and sound inside your yard. We can customized your fence with such distinguishing features as elegant curves, finials, scrolls and more. All of our aluminum fence products have a fade and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that offers twice the strength of typical acrylic finishes – and never requires painting. All of our aluminum fencing options also offer you maintenance-free ease, steel-like durability and a Limited Lifetime Guarantee, making it a solid investment that lasts while keeping your dogs within your property.

Depending upon the kind of dog you own, there are three ratings of aluminum fence to choose from, which means you may want to select a heavier, more industrial style fence if you happen to own a slightly aggressive or larger sized dog. For added security, we recommend aluminum fence panels made with “puppy pickets,” where the lower portion of the fence has pickets spaced closer together to ensure your pet stays safe inside your property.


If greater stability and privacy are what you want in addition to keeping your pet safe inside your yard, a solid wood fence offers a classic look. Our wood selections include:

  • Western red cedar
  • Pressure-treated southern yellow pine
  • Spruce

With wood fences you have multiple dog fence options ranging from vertical board, board on board, paddock and stockade style fencing. You can also add intricate lattice work to the top of your fence or a custom top with a unique geometrical pattern for added height and aesthetic value.

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If your goal is to purchase a fence to keep your dog safely inside your yard while enhancing your property’s aesthetics or increased privacy for you and your family to enjoy your outdoor environment, our knowledgeable staff can design dog fencing options that meet both your budget and dog protection needs. Contact us today or call us at 301-663-4000!