Frederick Fence works with government institutions, large corporations, and private citizens to design and install security fences for maximum protection. From high security fencing or iron security fence options or bollards (steel posts) to prohibit or minimize the flow of traffic or individuals from entering your property, we work with you to design a strong security fence solution. Frederick Fence offers residential and commercial security fence installation throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Chain Link High Security Fencing

The most economical option for establishing a secure perimeter, commercial-grade galvanized and vinyl coated high security fencing provides a strong perimeter for many organizations. We follow the standards set by the Chain Link Fence Manufacturing Institute(CLFMI) for proper use of high security fencing and iron security fence materials in conjunction with safety organizations such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Government organizations looking for chain link security fences should visit CLMFI’s website for technical guidance and assistance regarding minimum specifications for various chain link applications.

Industrial Grade Aluminum Security Fence

Industrial grade aluminum fences are known for their remarkable strength and for being a maintenance free fence. Industrial grade fence panels also offer many picket designs to keep intruders from infiltrating the barrier. Industrial grade aluminum fence panels are also rackable, meaning that you can allow for changes in elevation while maintaining security under the fence.

Steel Security Fence

If you or your organization is looking for both security and a bit more visual appeal, an iron security fence is typically your best option. We work with Ameristar Security products and can design a fence with various types of rail configurations that make climbing over a fence virtually impossible, keeping intruders out and your assets and employees safe on the inside.

Steel security fences, particularly Ameristar’s Impasse ® fence, are known for their incredible strength, intimidating profile and integrated rail design. Many steel security fencing solutions make use of a bracketless design and heavier posts and rails that allow for easy integration with intrusion detection systems, closed circuit video and other surveillance and monitoring devices. We also have great information if you’re looking to start a DIY Privacy Fence.

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