Among the most cost-effective ways to secure your property, chain link fencing is an extremely versatile option that’s been used in nearly every residential or commercial setting. If you’re a homeowner looking to build your own chain link security fence, or a contractor looking for the best quality materials at affordable rates, Frederick Fence can deliver. We supply chain link fencing materials to homeowners and contractors in the area.

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Commercial Chain Link Fence

If securing a commercial property with a chain link security fence is your goal, chain link fencing materials are often the easiest, most affordable way to get there. We offer commercial grade galvanized and vinyl coated chain link fencing to meet the needs of any commercial location.

Chain link security fencing is also ideal for semi-temporary use for security needs. When buying chain link fence materials, steel posts are easy to remove from the ground and the fencing can be rolled and transported easily. For construction sites and other industrial applications, this means temporary chain link fencing can be installed at one site, then packed up and moved for use at a new location.

Residential Chain Link Fence

If you’re installing a chain link security fence for your home, we recommend black vinyl coated, as it tends to last longer than uncoated galvanized material. Black chain link fences tend to blend in better with a property and give your yard a bit more aesthetic appeal.
In addition to affordability and versatility, installing chain link fences for your home comes with a host of other benefits, including:

If you’re looking for an affordable, sturdy security fence option in residential or commercial grade chain link fencing materials, our team can explain the benefits of chain link fences, help you select your chain link fence supplies or quote you an installation price.