Aside from the founder and president, Jon “JC” Wisner remains Frederick Fence’s most-seasoned employee, having joined Charlie Powers as the installer just as the company formed in 1982. As the company grew from its original small trailer to its expansive corporate headquarters and lumberyard on Tilco Drive, Jon’s responsibilities increased to where he is now Frederick Fence’s Operations Manager. In his role, Jon oversees all inventory and operations. He also acts as the company’s safety manager.

Born and raised in the Frederick area, Jon began his career as a painter and carpenter. Jon credits his joining Frederick Fence with a bit of perfect timing in that his former boss announced the closing of his business just as his newfound friend, Charlie Powers asked him if he was interested in helping him out by installing a “few fences.” That small request evolved into a long-term commitment to where Jon humbly admits that his technical skills and passion for building things may have had “something to do with the company’s success.” At Frederick Fence, every employee will tell you that Jon remains one of the reasons why the company continually sets itself apart from the competition.

Jon’s expertise and passion for excellence are what make Frederick Fence the leader among residential and commercial fences in the region. Over the years, Jon’s vision for quality service remains fully intact as part of Jon’s strongest contributions to the company are manuals that ensure consistent construction and installation on every fence solution the company sells. For Jon, the most exciting part of being with the Frederick Fence family are the challenges associated with making the client wishes turn into some amazing projects.

When he is not at Frederick Fence, Jon loves spending time with his family and friends. In his younger days, he loved sky diving and flying the Ultra Lights; however, now he prefers to watch his children play sports. An avid classic car enthusiast, Jon also loves cruising the highways.

Jon’s Favorite Fence Solution

Jon’s favorite project at Frederick Fence was a custom herring bone fence installed around a pool at a local Sheraton, back in 1985. To this day, Jon considers’ it a “really cool looking fence” and a fine example of the quality work Frederick Fence offers to all its customers.

Jon’s Favorite Fence

Even with all the new fence materials available on today’s diverse market, Jon’s favorite fence solution continues to include working on custom wood fence projects. Jon loves the idea of taking wood and embellishing it with ornate details that convey both a traditional and natural look with a bit of refined style and charm.

The Frederick Fence Difference

For Jon Wisner, what sets Frederick Fence apart from its competition is that Frederick Fence’s vision has remained true since January 1982: give the customer the best possible fence at an affordable price. Jon also loves the family-friendly atmosphere that Charlie Powers created while ensuring the company’s commitment to excellence.

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