Todd Powers

Todd Powers, the youngest member of the Powers’ family with the company, currently serves as the Director of Vinyl Operations, where he purchases the company’s inventory and manages the company’s Vinyl Shop and fabricates all custom vinyl orders.

Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland; Todd Powers grew up with a passion for fencing solutions and a strong desire to work alongside his father. Prior to his current position, Todd carried out various roles within the company, having started at the company before graduating from high school. Todd’s love of bicycles also lead to a brief stint of working for Wheelbase bike shop in Frederick. As part of the next generation of Frederick Fence leadership, Todd enjoys being part of a family owned business and shares his father’s commitment for quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

When he is not at Frederick Fence, Todd devotes his time to working on cars, hunting, building guns, and spending time with his friends. He’s also a bit of a techno geek, having built several computers from scratch over the years!

Todd’s Favorite Fence Solution

Todd’s favorite fence project—and the one he is most proud of—was helping build the Arlington Cemetery aluminum fence. For Todd, this was an incredible way to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to protect American freedoms.

Todd’s Favorite Fence

While Todd devotes a majority of this time to working with vinyl fences each day, his favorite style of fence remains aluminum since it offers a simple but pleasing aesthetic to any property it surrounds.

The Frederick Fence Difference

For Todd Powers, what sets Frederick Fence apart from its competition is that Frederick Fence has never diverged from being a family-owned business that offers a quality product at an affordable price. Todd also appreciates the family-friendly culture his father built from day one and looks forward to collaborating with his siblings and everyone else at Frederick Fence to build the best fences for the best price within the residential and commercial fence industry for generations to come.

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