Kathy Crum

Ask Charlie Powers who he considers the one person in the company who has helped shape and refine his vision for Frederick Fence over the years and he’ll readily admit that Kathy Crum, who has Frederick Fence’s Office Manager role, is the first name that comes to mind. Having been part of Frederick Fence’s leadership team for more than twenty-five years, Kathy manages the human resources, accounting, and administrative functions for the company. However, she’ll proudly tell you that her main duty is to keep the company president and long-time friend on top of his best game so that Frederick Fence continues to evolve and grow.

A Frederick, Maryland native, Kathy served as both a bookkeeper and accountant for several companies before joining the Frederick Fence team. A desire to work closer to home so she could raise her three small children and a small newspaper ad is what brought her to Frederick Fence. Since that time, Kathy has helped Charlie Powers grow the company and now works with the Powers’ siblings to ensure that Charlie’s vision stays intact for years to come.

What drives Kathy’s passion and devotion to Frederick Fence is the business partnership and personal friendship she shares among the entire Frederick Fence team. Kathy also genuinely loves accounting and loves creating charts and spreadsheets, doing reconciliations, and working to show the bottom line results that make Frederick Fence such a success. Kathy also loves the family-friendly infused atmosphere throughout company and thinks Frederick Fence is lucky enough to attract the best people who wish to be part of a unique group dedicated to helping so many homeowners and businesses.

Outside of spending time with her Frederick Fence family, Kathy enjoys being with her family and friends, playing the piano, decorating her home and working out. An avid music lover, Kathy also enjoys going to concerts, as there’s nothing more inspirational for her than seeing live music.

Kathy’s Favorite Fence Solution

Kathy Crum’s favorite fence project involves taking the many pictures of the fences the company builds to highlight them in the company’s marketing efforts. For her, seeing the hundreds of gorgeous fences the company’s staff have sold and built reminds her of why she thinks this company is the best place to work.

Kathy’s Favorite Fence

Kathy Crum’s favorite style of fence is a vinyl picket fence because she considers them charming, warm and homey.

The Frederick Fence Difference

For Kathy Crum, what sets Frederick Fence apart from its competition is the amazing customer service the company delivers day in and day out. She also points out that Frederick Fence’s reputation is what has allowed the company to remain an industry leader over the years, never having to resort to gimmicky marketing techniques to bring in new clients. Kathy firmly believes that it’s the professional pride, excellent fence solutions and affordable pricing that make Frederick Fence both the best and only option in the residential and commercial fence industry.

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