A perimeter fence is the best way to keep unwanted intruders off of any commercial premises. Consider adding a fence around your business in order to better control who comes and goes. These security fences can be constructed using various types of material, but the most popular are chain link and steel. The height and style of perimeter fences are dependent on the desired access prevention and threat level. If you are looking for a perimeter fence but do not know what the best option is, talk to one of our sales representatives today! They can help you determine which perimeter fencing will best fit your security needs.

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Chain Link

Chain link with barbed wire is one of the most popular perimeter fences because it is extremely durable, easy to maintain, and effective at protecting restricted areas. For an even more secure chain link perimeter fence, consider adding a razor ribbon to the top of your fence.


Another popular material used for perimeter fences is steel. Steel is strong and durable and requires little to no maintenance. Steel fencing has spearhead vertical bars that can be straight up or slightly curved to the outside to add even more security. Our professional sales team can work with you to determine the best fit for your security needs.