Dumpster enclosures are a great way to improve the look of your business. Frederick Fence Company has installed hundreds of dumpster enclosures! Adding an enclosure is a great way to mask the odor as well as the look of the dumpster area, which can otherwise be not so great. An effective dumpster enclosure fence will also provide security for your dumpster area and control what personnel or animals can come and go. Chain link, aluminum, steel, or a mixture of these are possible material options for garbage bin enclosures.

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Chain Link

Chain link is a great option for a dumpster or any necessary enclosure. Chain link provides top of the line security and is easily maintained. If you desire chain link but want a semi privacy option, you may want to consider chain link with vinyl slats. Slats come in many colors and provide the semi-privacy look for any business.


Aluminum or steel dumpster enclosures provide great security for your dumpster area. If completely covering up the dumpster for visual purposes is not a priority, but you wish to restrict access to it, aluminum or steel is a great option for you.

Mixed material

If you are looking for much more coverage or you just like the look of wood better, a mixed material dumpster enclosure is a good option for you. Semi-privacy and full privacy dumpster storage options are available.